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  1. I cant find the agreement letter but i have attached a copy of the letter I received I write following the hearing that took place on the 6' December 2021. You made the decision on the day of the hearing to discontinue your claim. The Judge dismissed the claim with no order to costs. Therefore you were not ordered to pay the Defendants costs, however I await sight of the Court order to confirm this outcome. In accordance with our Conditional Fee Agreement I am therefore entitled to seek recovery of my costs and disbursements from you. However I am willing to limit these to just the Outstanding disbursements if immediate payment is arranged. If I have no option but to transfer this file to our Debt Recovery Department, I reserve the right to recover both my costs and disbursements, The outstanding disbursements are as follows:- Engineer's report fee: €60.00 Court fee: £255.00 Counsel's tees: £862.50 Medical report fee: €216.00 Medical addendum report fee: £96.00 Total: £1,489.50 I would be most obliged if you could contact me to discuss payment. I am prepared to consider a monthly repayment plan. I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. No that claim was not more than £10k. Il try and find it and post it here
  3. Hi i went through a broker who passed my case on to the solicitor
  4. i was involved in a car accident which wasnt my fault. And the other party were not accepting liability either. it ended up going to court. When i attended the trail i had a barrister sent from my solicitors to represent me. At this trail i was told my evidence for the case wasnt strong enough and that i would lose the case so was advised to discontinue. My barrister and the other barrister both came to a mutual decision to discontinue. When they approached the judge he decided to completely dismiss the case with no costs. My barrister turned around and said to me that because the judge had dismissed the case i didnt have to pay my solicitor a single penny. I want to write an email to her saying that i was told i didnt have to pay you anything but dont know how to phrase it..I any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi all, just after some advice.. i had an accident back in 2019 and the claim has been on going since then. On December 6th 2021, i attended court and was advised by my barrister to discontinue the claim. At this point, the judge decided to dismiss the whole claim. My barrister i didnt have to pay any costs to either the other party or my solicitor (as it was no win no fee). However few days ago I received a letter from my solicitor asking me to pay her costs under the conditional fee agreement otherwise she will get pursue her costs from debt recovery. Now im confused and dont know where i stand. Can anybody help me with this situation? Regards anne
  6. Sorry this is going to sound so stupid, but how do I convert that image into PDF. Ive been trying for the past hour, but my tablet won't let me? :/
  7. Okay so I've attached a copy of a statement, as I don't understand it (not really good with things like this lol). My dads mortgage ended in 2006, when he moved address. When he left, he paid a final amount of around 10,000, so I'm guessing whenever he had the money he used to pay off a lump sum to pay of the capital he borrowed bit by bit. I think i'll send off a SAR as requested above. And see what happens.
  8. Hi there, im trying to help my dad to see if he was mis-sold PPI. He took out a mortgage with Woolwich back in 1996 - 2006 of £20k. He thinks that PPI was added without his knowledge to the loan . He was in full-time employment at the time. He has half of his yearly statements but not the actual policy document. The thing i don't understand is that the mortgage was 'interest only', does that mean they were only paying for the interest and not the money that they borrowed? on the statements it shows that monthly payments were made & at the end of the annual term interest was debited. Does that mean that they paid us the interest back - I'm abit clueless lol. So yeah, can we still claim PPI on this? I'm happy to show the statements, if anyone wants to have a look at them for me. Thank you in advance.
  9. Okay so my dads just told me that he's appealing the amount that he's been asked to pay. He said that he's claim was on a no win no fee basis & he shouldn't have to pay the other party solicitor fees. He sent an appeal form off yesterday. Do you think this is right or is he just wasting his time??
  10. Ermm okay. Can I ask what a n245 is? And would we send that directly to the solicitors (by recorded delivery), also I wanted to know if they can charge interest on the amount or add any other costs to it? As the total sum seems to be rising.? Thank you for your help
  11. Yes, the property is in both names (as my mum is a joint partner), but the claim was only against my dad. Erm I think its to dispute the amount being charged on the house I think. I will clarify & get back to you. Thank you, that would be great.
  12. Hi im hoping someone can help me and my family. A charge has been put on my parents property of around £8500. we tried to dispute it but the application was refused (as they said it wasn't a proper application). my dad was involved in car accident & lost the claim so he has to pay all the solicitor & legal fees. He intended to pay the money back in instalments. Those solicitors are saying we sent a letter out to our address asking if we would like to pay in instalments. But we never received no letter. & now the charge has been put on our property. My parents also have to attend county court next month. They are clueless as they dont know what to do next. Shall they just wait to attend court or is there something we can do. we would really appreciate any help. regards
  13. hi sorry for the late response but does this letter seem ok to send..
  14. Thank you for getting back to me. Well basically 2 years ago i did student placement at that nursery. This year the manager randomly called me up asking if i wanted to work there. I asked about salary and she said it would be min. Wage. She told me to come for an interview, which to be honest wasnt exactly a proper interview. She asked me some questions & made me fill out some paperwork e.g. Contact details etc & took copies of my passport-documents etc. Tbh it was all rushed as she seemed quite busy that day & she needed someone to start the following week to cover a staffs annual leave. But i was never given any paperwork to take home with me. So yh in abit of a difficult situation :/ You mentioned issuing a Letter before Claim, should i write this to the manager or the boss of the nursery (who pays the wages). Also, im not very good at letter writing lol - do you know where i can find a good template from?... Its worth a try i guess, nothing to loose really. I mean i did 7/8 hours a day that week & to now be told i aint going to be paid, is just outrageous!
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