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  1. oh yeah mis-typed! Yes WRAG is time limited to one year for CB-ESA
  2. I phoned DWP jobcentreplus and they said that contributory employment support allowance is not time limited for the support group but is time limited for the WRAG and it is contributory ESA that people can get for longer than a year for ESA if in the WRAG This site wont let me put benefitsandwork links here but that site says clearly that is the case
  3. That is what I mean too, just said a different way round. So we're happy now hopefully!
  4. as a guide there is an online test for ESA google ESA test online and its on the benefitsandwork site but remember this is how you see yourself, not how the assessors see you; they may not agree.
  5. The support group is the people who are deemed not to be well enough to undertake 'work related activity', the rest are in the work related activity group (WRAG). It is only the WRAG that are having their contributory ESA limited to one year, not the support group.
  6. Do you think you qualify to be in the support group of ESA? If so there is no time limit for contributory ESA for that, the year limit only affects the WRAG. Hence many people are trying to get themselves from WRAG to the support group.
  7. He would, see http://www.dwp.gov.uk/adviser/updates/changes-to-contribution/ contributory ESA only stops after one year for the WRAG not the support group.
  8. I would include statements from the people that help you wash/dress/foodPrep and who help you mobilise, these will really help your application.
  9. I don't understand what you are saying Nystagmite. I was talking about who qualifies to receive ESA and who doesn't, I wasn't talking about the stamp that is paid for you while you are on benefits.
  10. Sorry to hear this Claire, it is sad times right now. Definitely appeal. If successful and put in the WRAG he would be entitled to contributory ESA for one year if he has paid enough NI contributions of the right type, after which he would only get ESA if he qualified for income based ESA which would depend on your wage and incomings as a couple. Still, it is a year he would get and worth fighting for even if he was put into the WRAG. If he was placed in the support group he would qualify for contribution based ESA after a year if the right type of NI contributions were made in sufficient amounts.
  11. Some people are incredibly spiteful and vindictive. Personally, I tell no-one irl that I am on any benefits at all, don't trust anyone in case they get jealous and decide I shouldn't be and cause trouble. Keep schtum I would. Hope it all goes ok charliesgranny, sounds like it will thankfully.
  12. I have lived in 3 rented properties over the last 4 years and none of my landlords have signed anything and I'm sure I never needed to. I did have to give copies of my tenancy agreement which stated the rent etc.
  13. 1.) You would get the applicable LHA for yourself minus what they deem an appropriate amount for bills as your rent is bills included. You will need to declare that your rent includes bills and state which bills are included in the rent. 2.) I have been renting for over 4 years now and have only had one check myself. They looked at all rooms I had use of. I doubt having no proof of what you have paid would be a problem if you have a legal tenancy agreement. Did you pay a deposit when you moved in and did you get notification of where you landlord placed your deposit for safekeeping? She is legally obliged to place your deposit in a certified scheme and can get in trouble if she hasn't. 3.) Your landlady will assumadly been paying the council tax for the last 3 years herself using the rent she received from tenants. You will only receive Housing benefit less the amount taken off for bills and you will need to make up the rest of your rent with your JSA as JSA includes amounts to pay bills. 5.) If your landlady refuses to sign, write a note beside the space for her signature stating you requested she sign but she refused and send the form off.
  14. that would be why I said depending on the amounts Nystagmite! Doh!
  15. I think you are saying that you have notified DWP of your wish to appeal their decision not to award you ESA so they have reinstated you the money pending appeal. They will look at the decision again to see whether they stand by their decision that you are not entitled to ESA, I doubt they will change their minds given you got 0 points, so they will send the info to the Tribunal service. You need to be using this time to gather evidence for the Tribunal. Not evidence as to your illnesses or disabilities as such but evidence about how they affect you and what help you therefore need.
  16. It would count as savings so depending on the amounts may affect benefits
  17. Only just seen this thread. You can communicate with Atos via this email address [email protected] they answer pretty quickly.
  18. Experience of others shows the DWP rarely changes their mind but definitely appeal, you have a high chance of being successful imo. To Tribunal it is then like so many of us.
  19. Oh ok. Expect more posts about that here when people are affected by that then.
  20. As this seems to affect only people with new claims or a change in circumstance, this is going to catch people like Josephine out totally unwittingly. It's pants.
  21. I think it may depend if he is claiming contributory JSA or income based unless they consider WTC to be wages. Which is he claiming? Oh actually I think if he was self employed I think he would have been paying type 2 NI contributions so would now be claiming income based JSA and therefore they will deduct any income from that so yes would see WTC as income. Is he claiming couple rate JSA? If so, which is greater, the JSA or the WTC?
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