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  1. Yeah i'm going to do that just wanted to make sure I was within my rights to do that. So if I talk to the fraud team and get my money back as I never gave my details to cfo lending that would be ok. Its disgusting that they can get your details from anywhere and just use them without your permission. Its scary.
  2. so does that give them authorisation to wipe my account out.
  3. Hi, Cheers for the response. The problem is I have never ever given capital finance these bank details I don't know where they got them from. I only used my natwest details with them. So they have gone into my account without my consent. I made sure no pay day people had my new bank card and have never given the tsb account details to cfo. Surely if I have never given them my tsb bank account and card details they have no authority to use them.
  4. Hi, I got a loan last year with CFO and was unexpectedly made redundant a month later. I went with a debt management company as I was getting no where trying to stop the interest and arranging a repayment plan. I have been doing this since last August and everything has gone well. Until last Thursday CFO took £300 out of my other bank account as a card payment. I have never ever given them my card details or account details. I am also not sure if it is for my loan or someone elses. I am wondering what my rights are here as I have never ever given them pe
  5. Cheers that would be great. Wish I knew more stuff about this like you do. Thank you for all your help
  6. Here is the email from cfo lending. Good Morning, Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear of your financial difficulties and have updated your account accordingly. Looking at your account I can see you were due to repay your loan today and an agreement was made to pay the full amount back. On the 9th of July 2012 you completed an affordability check with us stating your total outgoings were £350 and you confirmed there you were not aware of any impending disability, unemployment or change of circumstance that would affect your ability to repay this loan. Unfortuna
  7. I am still having problems with them and QuickQuid are being funny as well both of them saying it is a short loan and they dont have to. I don't know where to go from here.
  8. Hi, I have tried to set up a repayment plan for my payday loans most I have not had a problem with but two won't set one up, they are CLO and Quickquid. They say they don't have to set one up as I agreed to this loan. I have sent emails back to them with the budget speadsheet from this website and mentioning the other creditors have complied. Can anyone advise me where to go from here?
  9. Hi, This is the same with my other bills that im being chased by dca but they dont show on the credit rating either. They say they are collecting on behalf of such and such a company. so if i get in touch with the orginal company and arranging it with them instead. Love how they make this business so simple not!
  10. i got a contract with vodaphone then a couple of months later got made redundant and couldnt afford payment. I got a letter off capquest saying it had passed to them and the usual dca harrassment followed. on my credit report it only has the original company name which was vodaphone
  11. My credit report only has evans and it has defaulted since dec last year when i have been paying lewis so i dont know if they actually have it they only said they do but they told me to send ppi info stuff to evans
  12. Hi, First thing is I checked my credit report with noodle and it says I have defaulted for the past 14months with vodaphone (who I pay through dca Capquest) I have continously paid them. Was wondering what I should do. Also on a credit report should it state the debt collection agency aswell or just the original company I have never looked at a credit report before. dx
  13. Hi, i'm trying to claim my ppi and charges back from evans, so only going to pay them a £1 a month through the dca for them (Lewis Group) I was wondering if anyone knew the email address for evans and how I can make a payment to lewis group without ringing them as they wont give me the standing order details and you can only pay the full amount online.
  14. Cheers, thats what they are trying to do. I wonder if 3rd email will be lucky hehe
  15. Hi, I'm trying to get rid of my payday loans by setting up repayment plans and freezing the interest. Had no problems with the rest apart from CFO Lending they say at the moment they can't set up a repayment plan but I can extend it. I know thats not going to get me anywhere. Need some advice on where to go from here. Cheers
  16. I didn't, I got the simplified one from the library on this website and told them i would never send them a bank statement. I also got in touch with my bank to cancel any direct debits with them and informed wda by email about this and told them they no longer have permission. Am I right in doing this
  17. Hi, I sent an email to WDA requesting to set up a repayment plan as I can't afford to pay it all off. The sent an email back stating I have 5 days to fill in an income and expenditure sheet and a copy of my bank statement. I am led to believe they can not ask you for a bank statement but I am unsure as to why and what to type in the reply to them. Some advice would be a great help
  18. Hi I have several payday loans and my hours at work have been reduced. The only way I know to get rid of them is with a repayment plan. i know not to ring them and do it by email or post. I just wanted some advice on how to write the email so they will stop the charges aswell and also not take the whole lot from my bank account. I have got new bank cards for my 2 accounts. Cheers
  19. Thanks again without people like yourself we would never learn and just think its normal. If i ever get this sorted its because you helped me so i am truely grateful for your help.
  20. Yeah no problem. I do apologise never done anything like this before my parents are the type just to go along with it, I just never thought it was right. I always thought that the £1pm was just for the unemployed thanks for teaching me something else new. I'm such a newb!
  21. Im still waiting to hear back about getting the charges refunded. Sent it on the 15th may. If i dont hear on monday what should i do next? On the solicitor issue, am i right in saying a company cant transfer the debt anyway because im in dispute with them over the charges and such. Cheers for all your help dx its scary dealing with them when you dont know the ins and outs and it being the first time.
  22. Hi again, Reliable Collections still haven't replied to the letter about the charges. I have received one from naturally close saying notice of transfer, your account is now being transferred to our legal advisors for the recovery of the outstanding balance. You leave us no alternative but to consider pursuing the following actions including: County court judgment and order full payment, warrant of baliffs, application for attachment of earnings. Need to make payment in next 7 days an appointment will be made for our solicitors to call at your home. and then there telephon
  23. Hi, I got an orange monthly contract out a few months ago through Car Phone Warehouse. Everything went through fine, Received the mobile and it worked till the end of the month when I woke up one day it was completey barred no calls in or out and no warning of this. I rang Orange and they said A fraud team had flagged it up something to do with my address and had I just moved there. I hadn't I had been living here for over 18months. I still have no idea why it has been flagged as they couldn't give me the definative answer, apparently they don't have to tell me.
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