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  1. now im confused i have had no sleep in weeks due to nasal polyps blocking my nose, and i can not see a specialist at my hospital until April. then i will have to wait to have another operation to remove the polyps could take months. ,ive had ten opps over the years and they just keep coming back, i am constantly trying to blow my nose but its blocked solid and the polyps are hanging out of my nose. could i go back on sick until after the operation.on my nose, who the hell would want to set me on in my state.
  2. Ive had enough of work, im tired and exhausted and have lots of health issues, and worked most of my life in warehouses , now im shot, just want to retire. but got six more years left.
  3. no was told there is no point appealing my friend is 62 and as had three strokes and is now blind in one eye. and he failed his assessment,and failed on his appeal. my jsa adviser even told me she has had to deal with lots of failed esa clients, who were a lot worse health wise than me, she said you would have to be at deaths door before getting esa, ]
  4. arrived today for the interview, the interviewer looked around 20 years old. there was 6 or 7 people round a table mainly teenagers, all on jsa. the course lasts for 12 months, cv writing interview skills bla bla bla, been there done it numerous times in the past, got to go again next week to find out more.
  5. im a 60 year old male , went to sign on today, a couple of weeks after being moved from esa to jsa, straight away i am being sent to a place called workroutes tomorrow, for a consultation, even though i need a walking stick as i can not stand for more than ten minutes, my adviser says they will get me moving forward, as im creating barriers, any one know what this workroutes entails.
  6. hi. i im a 60 yrs old male.and failed my esa assessment last week ,0 points . i use a walking stick as i have pain in my right leg from motor cycle accident.i had years ago,(leg as metal rod and pins in) i also suffer from nasal polyps nose constantly blocked and running.awaiting another op this will be my 11th op.as they always come back several weeks after, my job seekers appointment for a new claim is tomorrow.just wandering what type of work i should say im looking for, my doctor recommended part time. i can not use the stairs so will have to have interview on ground floor,
  7. hi. i had my esa assessment last Wednesday,and am waiting for the out come, but in the mean time my sick note as expired,should i see my doctor for another fit note to send, or will they just keep paying me the esa until they reach there decision.
  8. hes doing graphic design, the course ends in august end of term ,but he will be 20 in January,
  9. so what benefit would he apply for when he is 20 and still at college full time,
  10. yes every year i have to phone them up to renew the credits, and they want to know if hes working, at college ect, i need to know if they stop at 20 years old.
  11. Tax Credit are renewed every year so of course they know hes in full time education,
  12. my son is at college full time, i am 60 and on esa as i can not walk, i receive tax credits for my son , was told when he is 20 years old thats in a couple of months, i will stop getting tax credits for him, any one know if this is true, as we wont be able to survive on my £73 and he can not sign on as hes at college full time.
  13. well i had a motor cycle accident in 1990 and my right leg was built back up with rods and pins. and was told later in life i would most likely get arthritis which i now have, as the leg aches after standing an hour or more. its all on the advisers computer from letters from my doctor.
  14. hi, im 60 years old and i am on jsa, and have health issues, (can not stand for long periods) my adviser knows this ,but now she says its time for me to move forwards, and she will find me a work placement ,when asked how many hours, she said ,most likely 30 hours a week. my work sheet states looking for work 16 hours a week max.but shes going to find me a placement for 30 hours ? if i walk out of the placement will i be sanctioned.
  15. i receive income based job seekers allowance, and tax credits for my 18 year old son who his at college.
  16. i receive jsa im 60 in June. but i have been receiving free prescriptions for several years, do you think its a coincidence, these letters arrived within a day of each other, as its the first tine i have ever received a change of circumstances letter.
  17. hi.im long term unemployed 60 yrs old. and i have just received a letter from the job center telling me to list my change of circumstances, i put no change.and sent it off. then the next day i received a letter from the nhs saying i owe them £96 for prescription charges. as they can not find any evidence of me being entitled to free prescription charges. whats going on i can hardly walk and take pain killers and other tablets. im thinking now my benefits will stop. i cant phone them as im partially death,
  18. im on jsa, i suffer from leg pain from an old injury,where as my legs were reconstructed with plates and pins. after a motor cycle accident, im nearly 60 yrs old now and the pain is bad when standing or walking for more than 10 minutes. but the new rules for claiming on sick are that strict i know i will fail the assessment, so i just carry on applying for jobs that i know i wont get.
  19. i thaught about it as i had a bad time on a 18 to 24 forced voluntery course at a recycling plant,in which i did my back in.even though im nearley 60.my adviser said she would find me a place and squeeze me in. but i cannot sit down and be questioned for 45 minutes.
  20. theres also an email address. i can use. ill use that.
  21. think ill opt out
  22. just recieved a letter from ipsos ,asking me to take part in a survey at home , 45 mins max ,regarding the experience i have had on the work placement i have been on , also the job club.they say i will recieve a financial benafit at the end of the survey, but dont mention how much,i will get.should i do the survey or ring the number given to opt out.
  23. if she would have acted the same way to me, i would probably be in prison now due to my actions.
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