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  1. Hi, I have just moved out of my property and moved into a new one. I was told that I would receive my deposit back within 10 days and that I would be told if there were any problems. My contract specifies that I will be told in writing if there are any deductions made from my deposit. Today, I got my deposit back into my bank account with £108 deducted from the total amount. I have had no notice that there would be any deductions made, and no information as to what these deductions are for. I then went to look through my contract. When I signed the contract, there was a clause that said that my deposit would be held by the Tenancy deposit service. It appears that no such thing exists and I have checked the other deposit services but there is no record of my contract. When I moved in, I didn't think to question this but on reflection I received no confirmation of my deposit being held in a scheme. I particularly noticed this because my new landlord notified me straight away and I received conformation from the DPS when my deposit went in. Also, the managing agents asked me for my bank details to return my deposit into. Of course, that again should be something dealt with by the deposit agency. I have had numerous problems with the agency and landlord. They have accessed my flat with no notice or permission, given me less than 24 hours notice on many occasions, left the property without a postcode for 2 months, left the fuse box and electricity meter unsafe after telling me it should be boxed in...the list goes on. Of course, when I moved in I should really have twigged that I had had no information through from the deposit service. I also signed my tenancy with one agent who did not make it clear that for the rest of the tenancy I would be dealt with by an entirely different agent. Anyway, I would really like to know if there is anything I can do. I realise it is kind of 'after the event' now, but I feel really angry that they have returned my deposit with deductions without informing me and that it now seems apparent that I was completely deceived about the deposit scheme in the first place. Thanks! Sarah
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