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  1. My daughter swears she never received a notice of enforcement but they claim they sent it. She does not have her own room she shares with her younger sister, They entered all rooms including my bedroom even looking in cupboards in my room. The only room they did not enter was my eldest daughters room as they said because she was vulnerable (she has cerebral palsy). They were adamant they were going to take my furniture because its reasonable to assume that my daughter owned the furniture. The police agreed with them!. My daughter has no valuables at all, she has been away in the Philippines on a volunteer programme and any valuables she has she sold to fund her trip. How on earth they can reasonably assume that my daughter bought a corner sofa ets is beyond me, they even threatened to take things like vases and ornaments. (that are probably worth 50p edited to add I dont know how I am going to get a statutory demand before they return tomorrow
  2. Hi I have just spoke to my daughter she said she signed a receipt but she thinks it was for the money she paid, she is out now but will check what she signed (as they gave her a copy) when she gets home, They were wearing video cameras but switched of when one of my daughters come down the stairs, I Heard the bailiff saying switching of as a minor is present I corrected her and told her my daughter was in fact 25! she said she could not film because she was wearing pjs. Present at the property was me my partner my 2 daughters and 2 police officers were present. I will e maill admin now Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I need some advice please. My daughter who resides with me received a train fare fine around 2010, she was arrested by warrant officer early December and taken to court for order to pay WHICH SHE FAILED TO DO!. She is 24 Marstons have called at my door once before they arrived today with a warrant to take goods I opened door would not let them in they both placed their foot in the door so I could not shut it, they said as I opened the door they could enter. The 'fine' currently stands at £569, I phoned the police who attended but were just there to keep the peace. We could not get the money together so they entered my properrty and tried to take my settee television vases lights mirrors etc all my property but I have no receipts for them. I managed to get £250 for them they said they will call tomorrow for the rest if I did not have it they would take MY property and if I failed to open the door they would get a locksmith. The problem we are having is we cant get the rest of the money together what can I do? she owes the money yes buts its my property please help me
  4. Thanks guys for the advice, I have emailed them and advised them that I have reported them and would like any communication by letter only
  5. Hi I have been getting messages from quidmarket on my answering machine (there is 5 of us in our house), saying it is such and such from their legal team and if I dont contact them before 5pm tomorrow they are going to file a CCJ against me, TBH I dont really care what they do to me but other people are listening to these messages, is there anything I can do about it
  6. Hi, any advice would be appreciated, My partner who suffers from psychotic episodes signed up for a 2 year contract with 02 when he was unwell, he was already a customer of theirs but renewed in the shop one day. Anyway we had to take the phone of him because he was convinced his calls were being recorded because of the paranoia he suffers, I cancelled all his DD and I took the phone of him and just forgot about it for the last 7 months. He received a letter this week of a debt collection agency demanding nearly 600 pounds, he is worried sick about this and is concerned they will come knocking on the door for the money which is highly stressing him out. He never used the phone for calls etc as he only had it about 3 days. Can anyone offer me advice about what I can do about this, should I call o2 or the DCA Thanks
  7. Right found all my paperwork and charges are ridiculous so I am going to fight them all the way
  8. for john http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4408541&highlight=swift+advances
  9. I have a reply from swift, I am not going to post it here in case they are monitoring but I would like some help if anyone would be willing I would private message them
  10. Thanks, I will let you know what they say, I know a lot of people have had no luck with them but I recently saw someone over on the moneysaving expert site took them to court and won, that was January this year
  11. Hi I have just become aware of GMAC being fined for unfair charges on their mortgages, Mine was taken out between 2002 and paid in full 2006. I gave them a quick call today and they said there was 76 pounds refund due to me, I have moved form the property so they could not find me. My question is should I ask for a SAR and see if this refund is right or just take the money and run. I am worried because the claim is over 6 yrs old.
  12. Ok I have started, just sent my complaint letter off I will keep you informed
  13. Hi I took out a secure loan on my previous property in 2005 with swift advances, I paid of the loan in full in 2006. I have no records at all. I dont know what charges were made. Is it too late for me to reclaim any unfair charges and how do I go about it. This is a first for me and I am finding it very confusing. I have just phoned my mortgage lender at the time GMAC who said I am owed 76 pounds form them in unfair charges they said they will post me a cheque. Also when I paid the swift loan off I remortged with PREFFERED mortgages could I have a claim against them. Thanks in advance for any replies, I have never reclaimed anything and am finding this a bit of a nightmare
  14. Hi all, Just a little advice needed. I lost my job on 5th December due to my fixed term contract ending. I have made claim for IS HB and CA which I am waiting to hear about (my 23 yr old daughter has cerebal palsy). Anyway I have no income at the moment all pay I was due has been recieved. My question is my current debt to DWP is 1500, for a bedgeting loan that was taken out when we moved into our adapted accomadation, this I understand is the maximum allowed so I am not entitled to a crisis loan until my benefit comes through. I dont have any family who can help and I am worried that I am going to be left with no money over xmas. Can anyone advise me on what to do or whether I can ask for a community care grant. Thanks in advance
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