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  1. Hi I can't find the "manage attachments" below the go advanced msg box
  2. In trying to get it removed, I sent a letter asking to see the original copy of the credit agreement, and a copy of the default notice which I did not receive. (Letter and reply will be attached via weblink at bottom). Santander replied to this letter replying that this account was not regulated by the consumer credit act, therefore does not have a credit agreement. How is it then that if I have no "CREDIT" agreement that they can make my "CREDIT" file? This makes no sense at all. Are they allowed to do this? Can anybody give me any advice on what I should reply back with? Shoul
  3. I can't believe a company can mark your credit file if you don't have a credit agreement with them. I only opened the account to make direct debit payments, not for any type of overdraft or credit. I sent the BCOBS letter citing financial hardship at the time on the 15th Feb, but am yet to receive a reply so just assumed that they ignored the letter.
  4. Hi Thanks for all the replies regarding this issue. So far I have had no luck with the BCOBS letter with Santander. As I initially opened an account with A&L and not Santander, I was wondering whether it would be possible to get the default removed on a technicality if Santander were unable to provide me with the original credit agreement that I agreed to with A&L. So reading up through the forums I am unsure whether I need to send a CCA request or a SAR. Can anybody help me and advise me on which letter is more effective and suited to my needs. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes the account was just a basic account to pay a number of direct debits.
  6. Hi I'm looking for some help with a bit of a sticky situation I am in. I'll try to be as brief as possible. I'm looking to get a mortgage, and have an excellent credit report apart from this one blip from Santander which is resulting in me being rejected. I originally opened an account with Alliance & Leicester in 2010 which was sold to Santander. It was an account I didnt use much, just to pay a few direct debits. 2 or 3 direct debits returned unpaid, so Santander hit me with around £100 worth of charges. I was a bit annoyed by this so decided to just stop using the ac
  7. Right, very surprising but at the same time refreshing news! I sent egg and online message asking for the postal address and name of their data controller and explained why I needed those details. I pointed out that I had received advice that a debt can only ever have one default date and that this date was May 2006. They replied saying they acknowledge the error and that the default would be removed from my account. To my surprise, 24 hours later, it has subsequently been removed. I think this is the easiest resolution I could have dreamt of! Thanks for all the help and a
  8. Hi thanks so much for your help. The only problem I have is that I have no proof of the original entry for this entry. I literally have no paperwork or correspondence with Egg as I discarded it when I moved home a number of years ago. Is there any other way that I can prove the original entry and default date? Thanks Mike
  9. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with this issue. I had a loan from Egg which I couldn't afford to pay back when I lost my job back in 2005. The account went into default in 12/05/2006 and was passed onto Cabot Financial. The default from Cabot was due to be removed in May 2012, which it was, however, now the default has been relisted by Egg dated 30/11/2010, meaning it will not be removed from my account until 2016! My partner and I were waiting for this default to be removed before we try to get a mortgage to buy our first home. I have no way of paying it back so the d
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