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  1. I just feel so silly because if i had realised the railcard was out of date then i would have purchased a full price ticket. I feel so stupid! Do you think if i write a very apologetic letter and offer to pay all the costs that they will still want to take me to court? I am a university student and am meant to be working in New York next year , if i get a criminal offence i will not be able to travel there!
  2. hi , i purchased my ticket at a ticket machine, i knew i had a card and hadnt used it in some time and assumed it was in date, it was a valid mistake i just hope they dont think i was trying to cheat the system
  3. Hi there, they are charging me with Offence ,entering a train for the purpose of traveling without a ticket entitling travel. But I didn't intentionally travel without a valid ticket? I answered in the questions they asked me that I didn't know my railcard was invalid Thanks so much
  4. Hi there, I am very worried about the situation i may be in. Last week i was travelling from cambridge to Kings cross and i bought a ticket for a return with a 16-25 railcard. At the time i did not check , but my rail card was out of date on Oct 30. I only realised that the railcard was invalid at the time when the inspector asked for my ticket. I understood my mistake but did not have enough money to pay for the ticket at the time. So i was issued with a caution. I answered all questions without hesitation. The only thing at the end was that i asked for the railcard back and
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