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  1. I think I will try both approaches...one to get my default money back and the other just to see if the DPA approach works. I'll make sure I'm fool proof on my SAR, although Cap One seem to be staffed by some form of life form below a fool.
  2. Cheers, I will have a read of that I might just give it a bash and see how I get on...possibly could save a LOT of time and effort
  3. One of the problems I have is that the account was online only and as soon as the account was passed to Fredricksons, I lost access to everything. I will ask for the statements of how much they charged me in default charges when I complain, out of interest to see what they have had out of me. I think there is a fair bit to trawl through on here to see how to complain properly which I will read I'd forgo the money if I could bash out a quick letter to all the credit reference agencies just banning them from recording my data - problem solved surely as the default is gone, one way or another
  4. Thanks for that, I will have a read through Is the DPA an option if letters and complaints don't work? Thanks
  5. Hi I recently paid off a default on a Capital One credit card although I was disputing the amount as I need to obtain a loan from elsewhere. Long story short: I had a £300 limit, thought I had removed the regular payments from it but hadn't, a forgotten regular bill kept being charged to the card and as a result, my balance ballooned from £250 to almost £800. I spoke with the god-awful customer service team who told me (and I quote) " your credit limit is a guideline only" when I asked if I could go buy a Ferrari on a £300 limited card, the operator replie
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