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  1. I parked it on a side street and someone smashed both mirrors and punctured a tyre. The Police weren't interested and wouldn't even give me the time of day. I moved it to the main road after this. I drove for ages around my town looking for somewhere where it would not cause a problem to any residents. it is a good 15-20 metres away from the junction. I come across lots of junctions where worse obstructions occur, it is part of motoring. The problem I have is where the hell do I put it where it will not get vandalised or a ticket? the police won't offer an alternative the bluntly said just shi
  2. Can the police seize my van legally? Surely the highways agency know where to put lines so no obstructions are caused, they follow guidelines. I don't think it is a problem but risk losing my van.
  3. He has rung me twice about moving it. He admits it is legally parked but says it causes an obstruction to the junction for people leaving a side road. I have told him there are no other suitable parking spaces, the last place I parked it someone vandalised the wing mirrors, hence me moving it to where it is now and my reluctance to move it again. The town is all terraced streets and I do not want to park it outside someones home. It is currently outside a church and the priest has complained. I have sold the van and it will be gone in a week but the police are insisting it will be towed tomorr
  4. Hi, I have had a phone call from the local bobby about my van. It is fully legal, and legally parked. He has had one or two people complain it restricts vision and is causing an obstruction so has asked me to move it. He said if it is not moved he will take the chance and get it towed away. My van is a good 15 metres from this junction and legally parked. If he tows it away where do I stand? I live in a small town with no parking anywhere and this is the only suitable place for me to park it. Please help me.
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