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  1. Hi , re Congestion Charge non payment. On the 13OCtober 2016 when the closure of Tower Bridge was in place I just realised , upon receiving a PCN today, that I had entered the congestion charge via liverpool street station while according to TFL that was not the correct diverted route. I was genuinely and truly sure it was. Funny enough the PCN came 1 month after it all had happened when memories are toally faded away and I was sure there was some sort diversion sign directing me through that CC area . Eventually a small yellow sign that barely a motorist cou
  2. hi All, thnks for your support. All is been resolved. In the end the main manager of Saatchi shop issued authorization for refund. it make sense what I was thinking, as I paid using their system indeed the refund could only have been auth. by Saatchi shop itself and then their duty to deal with return to organizer of the Exhib. Cheers!
  3. Yes I am resident in UK. However just starting a talk with some of them , awaiting reply. I called them instead of emailing them and found a more specific contact...Cheers!
  4. is a crdit card but an international one Mestro circuit don't think I am covered...cheers!
  5. Hi Dx100uk, thanks for that I have those contacts which was given to me by Saatchi store , I e-mailed them but not reply yet . I wanted to get a reply over amil so to have the conversation recorded. However tomorrow will try to callt them. Crossing fingers. Cheers!
  6. Hi I did by a Rolling Stone T-SHIRT at Saatchi Gallery store 2 days before the exhibition closed 3/9/16. it costed £40 I bought it few minutes before Saatchi was closing. I am not happy with the prduct and the t-shirt does not fit. I went back at Saatchi gallery store the week after but the store was closed for change of exhibition. It is still closed. this prompted me to write to the shop customer service. They eventually replied sayng they did return all the stock and it is not of their competence now. They've asked me to contact Bravado uk. Bravado web
  7. Well, what about the O2 contract before the " O2 refresh", I think they should refund years of paying extra oney after the mb given was paid off...
  8. thanks to all for the support, got few points more clear... I still would like to make them understand that when I took the train I was sure I could do the tkt on it or would have gone to the tkt office to get one when there. Hoping they'd give me a chance as never had any train penalty before, that's all I wish ... could I discuss all at the hearing and try to find a solution or now the trial in unavoidable? Any one suggest what could I do now at the hearing?
  9. Hi all, I have been prosecuted and set a summon for not having a train tkt during a revenue check by southern rail at Gatwick airport. I plead not guilty and I due for a hearing on the 31st of Jan. in frotn of the Magistrate Court As I cannot afford a lawyer I am defending my self with little knowledge apart what I can read on line. Here the facts: back in September I took a train in a hurry at East Croydon Station with the idea that I could do a train ticket (tkt) on the same train. That's what I always knew since I have done it in the past (I have proof for that). This time a t
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