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  1. I only signed once when we joined the first time. at that time we receive terms and conditions. it was middle of august 2011. I decided I was not very keen on the gym and because I was not going frequently and at the middle of september my boyfriend and his friend went to the gym and was the day he was supposed to cancel. This time I was not there, I did not sign anything and he did not sign a document either. The lady explained my bf that he only needs to give 28days notice and he said yes to the new arrangement. The changes for both of us were done on the computer, and we never received any copies. We tried to solve it with the hotel but after weeks of trying to get out we were told that we can only temporally suspend it or accept a reduction in fee. Joe accepted the fee reduction while we decided to pursue this further. We have not used the gym at all since probably november, we live in a different country now. We knew we would be relocating at the moment we took the first contract-6weeks and Joe would have not signed to 12 months without knowing we can cancel it. At that time I was undertaking security checks for the role that I am in now. The hotel in Basingstoke is administrated by QHotel and we decided to write to them instead. Should we send a copy of the letter to Basingstoke as well? should we write only to Basingstoke?
  2. He did not even been presented with a new contract and all was done on the computer-few clicks here and there .
  3. Heya, The gym is the one inside Hampshire court hotel gym, Basingstoke. he signed for me, without him actually signing the documents, even though when we joined we did not have a joint application but two different forms and one direct debit. I gave up trying to solve with them , we did not even been seen by a manager with the issue but the head receptionist, who is the only one that apparently deals with cancellation and who I had been chasing for weeks before an answer given. While we are pursuing this further my Bf accepted a reduction in fees only because we were told they can either temporarily suspend for 12 months but after those 12 months we have to pay the remaining contract or take a reduction in fees. At the moment I am writing a letter to their head office in Leeds and the information given by you is very helpful. Should I cancel the direct debit? we are savings for a mortgage now and we do not want to affect our credit.
  4. We were never given any other contracts or any terms and conditions. we did not even receive an acknowledgement of the change of contract through the post. after the initial 6 weeks trail period we did not received any other paperwork.
  5. Heya. Me and my boyfriend joined a gym in a hotel close to our house. It was for six weeks as a promotional trial and when the date ended my boyfriend went to cancel it but was told by a very helpful girl at the desk that he can sign on and when he wants to cancel he needs to give 28 days notice. so...he joined again thinking that he could cancel after 28 days. now...when we first joined I signed for the 6 six weeks and he signed for the six weeks, two different documents but payed through direct debit from my bf account. when he signed another contract after those 6 weeks i was not present. now the trouble is that we wanted to cancel , and I found out that there was no possibility to cancel. after long discussion with one of the team leaders there i was offered a suspension of accounts for a year or reduction in the fee. I did not want to go for any options but my boyfriend went alone to talk with the woman and took the reduce membership. he realised that was another of their marketing/seling strategies and we want to know if we can do anything about it?
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