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  1. depressed: Thanks for the advice, it does help to hear from someone who's been through it recently. We both just want it behind us now - of course paying up is the quickest way to make the whole thing go away, but I think I am bringing the wife around to just ignoring them. Surfer01: Does the FPN count as something formal?
  2. Thanks, 2Grumpy, I'll be doing that. A hypothetical: Would anyone be able to give a ball park guess as to what the costs incurred might be should this get escalated to the County Court? Unlikely as this is, having an idea of it might help convince her that it is worth being strong on this. Would the CCTV of her appearing to conceal an item, then put it in her bag after the till be evidence enough? In my mind, this shows only an act with no way to distinguish whether it was the genuine accident that it was or an attempt to steal. Certainly, it does not show evidence of dishonesty with with intent.
  3. Sorry, it was a mistake on my part - she was understandably upset when telling about the incident and didn't get it across to me that the FPN was issued to her there and then, but she was told the RLP stuff was in the post. Having a hard time convincing ourselves not to pay. There is always the worry in the back of the mind that this will be the one that does end up going to court...
  4. First rlp letter came yesterday. It's certainly very intimidating language, but is the standard 137.50 demand with no details. Hard not to just capitulate but I know we shouldn't. Haven't raised the option of ignoring yet but I will. Is there a reason that people on this board recommend waiting until the second letter before sending the standard reply denying liability? I ask as this letter does state specifically that you should contact them if you believe you're not liable, so was wondering if there would be any harm sending it right away.
  5. The CCTV they have is the problem as far as challenging it goes. According to the wife, it appears as though she deliberately places her bag on the items in order to conceal them (but again I'd say - why do this at the till in view of store security and CCTV?) The three for two comment was meant to just illustrate my frustration at the whole situation - people aren't allowed to think or use discretion for anything any more and it irritates me. She did cover all three items, so nothing would be on the receipt. My point was that stealing the exact number of items that qualify for an offer is a strange thing to do!
  6. dx100uk: Yes, I meant finger prints, sorry that wasn't clear. I believe she was formally charged by the police and basically told the £80 fixed penalty would come through the post, yes. It is a shame there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about this bit given the alleged offence was a mistake. I will be asking CAB about this though. Maybe I'll just try and intercept those RLP letters before she can see them and get even more worried...
  7. thank you so much for the helpful replies. Looks like we'll just have to find a way to deal with the police fine (anyone want to lend me 80 quid? lol) and hope her explanation is adequate should it ever show up in a crb. Sidewinder, you've nailed it for me in that second paragraph. Like many things these days, common sense, discretion and better judgement are not encouraged and once again it has led to the disadvantage of someone who has no means to deal with it and certainly does not deserve it. It really makes me despair that this is where we're headed. I will try and get her to stand firm on the rlp letters but that may be difficult. Will update this thread accordingly for the reference of others as the situation develops. CitizenB I will certainly be getting in touch with the cab, thanks.
  8. Hi, My wife was shopping at Tesco recently and had put her handbag in the trolley without realising it covered some make up she had in there. On getting through the till and seeing the make up loose in the trolley she just put it in a bag without thinking of it. Absent minded yes, but not exactly criminal. Cue security guard who had seen this on CCTV coming over and asking her back into the store, intimidating her into the back room etc. She explained it was an accident and she'd happily pay for the items (fairly obvious this was true: a. she had 3 things for a 3 for 2 offer - why would anyone steal an offer? Did the guard think she was trying to get better value for her stealing by going for a 3 for 2? b. anyone who actually was trying to nick stuff would probably not wait til the checkout to do it in sight of cameras/guards etc.!) Obviously he would have none of this and forced her into admitting taking the stuff without paying. Her actions in the CCTV footage did make it look very suspect so she was hugely panicked and weeping by this stage. They then waited for a policeman to turn up who was most discourteous to my wife, talking at her as if she were a frequent shoplifter -'you've probably done this before so you know what's going to happen' etc... what an **edit**. (And he was me labouring under the assumption that the adage 'innocent until proven guilty' applied in this country!). So she had to sign some stuff, had her prints taken was told there would be an £80 charge for the police and more from the store (browsing these forums I realise this is the RLP bit now). She was then left embarrassed, humiliated and she believed with no course of action but to play the criminal she'd been cast as and pay up. First problem is we literally don't have the money. Not any of it. That shopping she was buying was it for us and it is this way every month as she is studying and I am on very low income. She was so intimidated and bullied by these jobsworths that she simply wants to pay up though and forget about it. Second is that I am worried about the impact this could have on her career - she is studying to become a therapist and obviously working with vulnerable people as one often is in therapy requires and Enhanced CRB. She is innocent and deserves to be recognised as such, especially as this false accusation could impact her life so much. The CCTV footage they does make it look like a deliberate (but rubbish!) attempt to steal and she's signed whatever form under duress so she feels she has no leg to stand on. So, I know my course of action for the first point is supposed to be ignore the RLP letters (haven't received any yet) - I will try and convince her to do so, but she really is very scared. On the second, though, I am less sure what to do. Is there a way of 'clearing her name' so to speak? She did nothing wrong and the store lost nothing (except our custom for good!). She was basically bullied into admitting stealing. There is no way to prove that was her intent.
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