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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?! What is my next step ? Do I have to go to court now ? any advice welcome. ta J
  2. HI there, I have been trying to obtain details from Welcome Finance on my loan. Postgg gave me a template letter for an SAR request, which they did action, but only got part of it, and a falsified contract was containined in pack I have asked for the original and they never sent this to me. I have written them the following letter, which they have ignored. (I have resent this letter in August and again, nothing What can I do next. They have entered a default on my credit file, and I want to know if I can get them to remove this, if they dont have my paperwork, or do I have to
  3. Hi there I have had a loan with welcome since 2007, but had problems with paying them, due to job redundancy etc. They started writing to me etc, and postgg told me to write to them and request the SAR etc, which I have never had. I havent heard from them now for about 18 months, and wondered should I leave it or contact them ? They said that they cannot locate my signed agreement form to send me Is that good or bad ?
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