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  1. Can anyone advise please? There is an improvised motorhome parked on the road (a quiet residential street) in my village. It looks like a former lorry that has been converted at some stage. There is an issue with low level anti-social behaviour associated with it and this is in hand. However, another point that's been noted is that while parked on a public road it has a gas bottle connected to it (presumably so the people living inside can cook themselves food). I've been advised that this could be illegal, but I'm unclear which law or regulation is being contravened. Can anyone assist? Is this illegal and if so which agency would do the enforcement: Police, Local Authority or even local Fire and Rescue service? Any suggestions most appreciated..... . Gilbern
  2. Many thanks. If I am able to find his address and write to him at that address, could that be construed as harassment (or am I worrying unnecessarily)? His tenants first contacted me about the problem referred to above many months ago. Enquiries revealed that it was their landlord's responsibility, but when I followed up with the tenants to ask what was happening their landlord got in touch and told me to stop hassling them..... If I write to the landlord at that address (and it would be a polite and reasonable letter), could it be construed as harassment? His tenants first contacted me about the problem referred to above. Enquiries revealed it was their landlord's responsibility. When I followed up some months later he got in touch and told me to stop harassing his tenants.....
  3. Is it possible to find out who owns a residential property? I live next door to a house that is rented. The tenants have been told by their landlord not to correspond or have any contact with me. This stems from an issue with a boundary. The landlord has contacted me himself by text, but the only details I have for him are a mobile number (which could obviously be changed at any time) and a surname (which I suspect might be an alias). The landlord has not been particularly helpful and doesn't like me using the mobile number I have for him. Is there anything I can do to identify this individual so I can correspond with him properly? Or do I simply have to send any letters to my neighbours house and mark it for the attention of the landlord? Any advice gratefully received.
  4. Fair comment. Good taste in music by the way....
  5. I can see what you mean about duty of care and I can understand them being entitled to refuse to allow people in. However, I've never heard of someone having the legal right to disallow another person's exit simply because they own the premises. I worked in local government for many years and the instruction was always that - should a visitor/customer/whatever - want to leave, then staff had absolutely NO right to detain them or block their exit. Whilst I know licensed establishments will often refuse admittance, I've never heard of them refusing someone's right to exit. Couldn't that be construed as false imprisonment even?
  6. I was recently in Santander. I was about to leave the bank and walk back on to the High Street when a member of staff stopped me and told me (along with 2 or 3 other customers) that we would have to wait several minutes while the cashpoint was being emptied on the inside of the bank. The automatic doors at the main entrance had been sealed. We were unable to leave and customers outside were unable to enter. This is just a minor point (asked out of interest more than anything else), but I was wondering where Santander would stand legally on this. Can a bank refuse customers the right to leave (even if only for a few minutes - about 5 in this case) in this kind of situation (i.e. where large amounts of money are being transferred/handled)? Anyone know?
  7. It started in August 2015. He contacted them today to try to cancel, having been told he could cancel anytime upon payment of the early cancellation fee....
  8. My son took out a subscription with Sky for Broadband and TV. This involved a 12 month contract until August 2016. Included in this package were movies and a "free" TV set. My son agreed all this by telephone and nothing was actually signed; it was all verbal. He was told that early cancellation was possible but that a cancellation fee would be payable. This was a significant amount: £134.06 He was told this at least three times by Sky, most recently just 24 hours ago. Also if he did cancel early, the current months fee would be payable plus an indeterminate admin fee the following month after cancellation. Earlier today he contacted Sky to cancel and was informed that cancellation was not possible as he was tied in to a 12 month contract. He offered to pay the cancellation fee, but was told that he still could not cancel. This seems bizarre and also represents incredibly poor customer care (ie to mislead him into thinking he could cancel when apparently he can't!). This has stressed him and involved numerous lengthy and annoying phone calls. Given that nothing was signed, what are the implications for him if he simply cancels the Direct Debit through his bank?
  9. Hi I received a ticket from Car Parking Partnership. I'd paid and displayed to park, but not displayed a parking permit (despite having valid and acceptable reasons for being there). I've now been verbally warned by someone representing the owner of the land that they (i.e. CPP) may well use the Small Claims Court to ensure that I pay up. I've not heard the Small Claims Court mentioned in relation to parking issues before. Is this likely?
  10. Hmmm... Not sure about that. I do recall a bizarre case many years ago when someone was prosecuted for stealing from someone else's dustbin, but then again that's probably classed as the property of the householder until such time as it's collected by the local council refuse collectors (and it's probably not "litter" in the true sense of the word!)...
  11. I received a parking ticket issued by the Car Parking Partnership. I noticed that the adhesive envelope in which the ticket was attached to my windscreen featured a printed warning that it was an offence for anyone other than the driver of the vehicle to remove the ticket. I suspect this is correct, but just wonder what kind of offence it would be and under what legislation? I can understand that removing a proper PCN issued by a Local Authority or by the Police could well be an offence, but a ticket (aka invoice) issued by a private company....? Can anyone advise? Sneakily hoping that it's not an offence at all and they're not supposed to say this.....!
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