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  1. Hello All It's been a while but my quest to refund every penny of PPI continues! I would appreciate a bit of a sense check with regard to an offer I have received from HSBC - I'll try not to be too long winded. I opened a Beneficial Credit Card (HFC Bank) in June 2005. Early 2008 we experienced significant financial difficulties and, in April 2008, appointed Payplan to act on our behalf. HFC defaulted this account in July 2008 and in February 2009 ownership transferred to HSBC. Apparently sometime since then the debt has been transferred to Metropolitan Collection Services, I have no correspondence to this effect although I believe they are wholly owned by HSBC, so maybe it's not important. Between April 2008 and to this day we maintain payments to this account via Payplan although in July of 2014 the default was wiped from my Credit File. Now to my point, after many, many years and referral to the FoS, my complaint for mis-selling of PPI has been upheld and HSBC have made an offer of £2,300 which they intend to transfer, in its entirety, to my outstanding debt Obviously, I'd rather have the money in my bank account, but don't suppose that' likely to happen so, my questions are:- Shouldn't I be entitled to at least a refund of the interest (as they shouldn't have had my money if the first place) before funds are applied to any outstanding debt ? Does the fact that this debt no longer exists, in terms of my credit file, have any bearing on the outcome? As this debt forms part of a DMP, can they take the entire amount. Shouldn't there portion be pro-rated? Appreciate any advice or steer you can give me on this one, it's taken me four years on and off to get this far, so I'm prepared to dure it out for a while longer if I can get a better outcome. Many Thanks
  2. Many Thanks for this - you really are a font of all knowledge! I heard back form a Supervisor this morning who confirmed that they had passed the debt to CL Finance to collect money on their behalf. When asked if they had sold the debt she confirmed yes and when pushed stated they had no interest in it but it was their "procces" to offset. I did challenge the fact that if they had sold and had no interest in the debt weren't they in breach of Data Protection legislation contacting a 3rd Party regarding my account. Again, this was just their process. Looks like I should refer to FOS. Thanks again for your continued advice.
  3. Hi There, no FOS involvement. Good luck with your claim!
  4. The good news is Santander have upheld my complaint on mis-selling PPI on a Wallis Store Card I had. This acount was transfered to CL Finance as I am currently working with Payplan to repay my debts. The bad news is they have transfered the entire refund to CL Finance and told me after the event. I'm more than happy that money should go to pay off my debts however I dind't think they had the right to transfer the interest on premium and loss of cash interest award to them as well. Before I put pen to paper ( again) would appreciate some guidance. Many Thanks
  5. Thanks Guys, really appreciate your input..........let the letter writing commence!
  6. Hi AllI've recieved a letter from MBNA advising they are upholding my claim and they are taking steps to calculate the refund due.It must be a marathon because these steps are goinf to take up to 12 weeks to complete. I thought once they had accepted a case of mis-selling they had something like 28 days to process refund. Their letter was along the lines of, this is what's going to happen, it's our final response and if you don't like it complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Don't want to rock the boat and delay settlement further but 12 weeks does seem an inordinate amount of time.Would appreciate any thoughts?Many Thanks
  7. Thank you so much for prompt response. Will keep you posted on outcome.
  8. This is my first post so apologies in advance! I'm currently in a debt management programme with Payplan and, in an attempt to reduce the amount owed overall, I've been following the great advice on this site and started the ball rolling to try and claim back PPI. I've sent letters and £1 fee to various creditors but HSBC have replied basically telling me to go away. They state that they are "only required to provide information relating to a CCA where a sum in respect of the loan is, will or maybe become payable" In my case because this debt was cleared (short settlement to a 3rd party) they "regret that they are unable to provide information relating to that loan in response to any request which is made pursuant to that legislation" Help! My gut instinct is to challenge this but will I be banging my head on a brick wall?
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