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  1. Update: After receiving the rejection letter to the initial detailed appeal that they completely ignored, I wrote to PATAS with the enclosed form by the help of this and another forum. I've attached the appeal letter here as well as the recent reply from Newham Council saying THE FULL AMOUNT of £265 WILL BE REFUNDED. They started with "After further investigation..." What?????? So do you ever check ANYONE's appeal? I strongly believe they have a generic template that they first send back as a default response and so many must fall for it as it sounds air-tight. Then as we took it further, PATAS then send it back to the council to see if they agree of wish for it to be taken further at which point they actually read it. Beware of the Newham Council Legalised Daylight Robbery [problem]. I am posting this to thank everyone who replied to this thread. You're all part of the victory. Then again, the money isn't back in my hands yet so I don't even trust the letter fully as it says "Newham London" at the top. Edit: Forgot about the stupid image resizing (click for letter) PCNtowing-adjudication.doc
  2. Hi, @H&M, NOR date: 02/04/2012 so 28 days would be end of this month. @tbd: Does the following not cover this? As in the fact that I didn't get any response to the points made in my formal representation? Unless I didn't understand what you mean?
  3. Thanks. case reference 2090397156 will be quoted. Sorry about this but do I simply put it like: "I therefore feel that the authority did not consider my representation as in law it is required to do (please see case reference 209039715)."
  4. Excellent. I think the following is sufficient then? That's it really. If there's anything else in anyone's experience that I should add or leave out, please let me know as I'll probably complete this tonight and post it tomorrow. Thanks again to those who took out time for me. You're heroes
  5. The NOR is in the same pdf above. Last 2 pages before the photos they sent
  6. Too late, the pseudo-legal jargon was already sent and yes I did understand it before I sent it. I never claimed there was no sign. I said it wasn't seen due to its location as the approach was from the road before it. Also, the sign was 2-3 spaces away from the suspended area and not close enough to the suspended area for it to be seen. And finally, the sign facing the road was non-compliant and the compliant sign was facing away from the road as in there were two different signs. All that is clear in the representation. The signs are also in my photos that I took but that's not the issue here.
  7. Yea the link added spaces in there (which I didn't add btw, this site really has restrictions lol) I added everything to the single pdf attached. My representation followed by scanned copies of their response and images. Thanks for checking guys PCN-Towing_Thieves_Full.pdf
  8. It resizes it here so full images here forums.******.com/index.php?showtopic=67991&st=20&p=685978entry685978 Madness, this forum doesn't want any other web site to exist. It's removing the domain from the above link too. Admins, what's going on? ****** is support to say p e p i p o o (without spaces) Thanks
  9. Files attached Letter + Photos they sent Edit: Why have the images been resized? What's the point of that?
  10. Got the reply today after 5 weeks NOTICE OF REJECTION Followed by their normal template about why and where ticket was given. They did not respond to my letter or the points made within All it says is "I have taken all of the circumstances described in your representation and mitigation into consideration. However, I regret to inform you that I am unable to cancel the penalty charge and refund the removal fee on the grounds stated" Honestly, no answer or anything. Should I resend the original letter stating it hasn't been answered whatsoever? Or shall I fill out the form attached with the rejection letter and so it gets forwarded to an adjudicator? Finally, in the form, it's asking if I want a postal decision or a personal hearing. I don't think I have the patience for a personal hearing since the council mugs and steal from us legally. I swear if I could I would happily move out of this terrorizing police state (UK). Anyway, please let me know if it makes a difference whether it's a personal hearing or a postal decision. Thanks guys for the help initially and now
  11. Yes I added it on one more forum however the advice has been very similar or the same. Some excellent pointers from there and some from here (my two new favourite forums on the net now)
  12. Your right. I actually feel the same. Believe it or not, this is the revised version and a page less. I found a few repetitions as did another very helpful member from pepipoo forums and now feel I can do a more complete one by tomorrow. Your input has been priceless. Thanks TBD
  13. No offers? Never mind. I have attached the draft to this post. Input highly appreciated as I'd like to know if I've done this right and if there's anything I can add or should removed. Thank you once again PCN-Towing Thieves2.pdf
  14. How does this happen and how does one get away with it for a year or so? Who is to blame for this daylight con in the name of the law? The council who set a target? The 'respectable' clampers and tow trucks who steal the car and demand money and threaten that your car will never be seen again? The extremely strict traffic law where even if a centimetre of the wheel is out, your car's gone? The citizens/drivers who stay silent while rights and money is chipped away from them? The police who don't take traffic enforcement complaints seriously enough? The system where the only people who can be heard are those who can financially afford to be heard? Have I left anyone out?!!
  15. Hello everyone, I have completed the draft of the appeal and it's 5 and a half pages long after increasing the margins. Is anyone with experience or a law background willing to briefly browse through it? No need to fully read it in detail. I don't want to attach the draft for public viewing yet. Thanks
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