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  1. Amount// Date //Closed Insurance Premium(at outset of loan) £3000 16 jun 2002 £498 £1500 09 dec 2002 £203 £5000 18 oct 2007 £1335 £498+£203+£1335= £2036 £2036x 8% = £2198,88 is that what i am trying to claim?:???::???: Regards
  2. I 've been rading ,its very complicated for me, I just want a sample letter, which will cover my interest and other charges on my PPI claim. Can't i have just a sample letter.I 've gone that far ,I dont want to handed to agency which will charge 30%. Regards
  3. plz can you help me for my next step how much and how can I claim, and what letter? Regards
  4. Sorry yes i sent sar , but they returned my £10 back.
  5. i dont know,what i sent but i got the sample what u told me, but now stuck, hundreds sample letters but i dont know how much i can claim and what letter i should write, no idea...
  6. I also wanna say thanks ,i got these figures writing letter by your help, thanks again regards
  7. Hi everybody, I've received letter about my past loans and PPI's on my loans. Amount Date Closed Insurance Premium(at outset of loan) £3000 16 jun 2002 £498 £1500 09 dec 2002 £203 £5000 18 oct 2007 £1335 Theese are the figures ,i received, Will I claim only Insurance Premium amounts, or is there another claims like interest on them, also someone mention 8% some other claim on PPI's. Also I saw some PPI claim letter samples but I dont know what will i write for a reason, Can some one plz
  8. Thx, i know i m asking maybe stupid questions but i m abslutelty useless about theese things, and its bit confusing for me. but i m very gratefull for your help thx regards
  9. sorry also instead of 6 years can i ask 10 years regards
  10. Hi When I rang Them, they just said, i need to write letter, they didnt mention about £10 , do you think is this £10 nessecary, should i wait till they ask £10 or is it better to just sent. Sorry also, like i said i still got mortgage with them, is there a ppi on mortgage? and they also used to charge some money when my over draft limit exeed £2 etc. is there anything i could do about this? Regards
  11. Hi everybody, Like millions I am not sure how to start or do "PPI Claims". I would like do it myself but I dont want to mess up things, I think I got a good chance to get something I had several loans fron RBS and they all paid and fnished. But the problem did i missold PPI or not I dont know. I rang the bank and asked them have I missold PPI or not but they didnt tell me, they said I need write in. I got no idea how many loans I had and Which years I had? So first of all can some one please show me sample letter, finding out about all my loan details, PPI, etc.
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