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  1. Just been looking through various posts, trying to get more info. Came across a slight concern, at the moment i'm staying at my parents house til i try and get myself sorted again. Wages are getting paid into their account. No bank account of my own. Is this going to cause problems for my parents when i apply for the report or even at all? They understand my situation and are fully supportive of me sorting myself out, i really don't want them to get stuck having to deal with any of my debt though.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll do exactly that. Payments have been made to all in the past 6 years, except for maybe one credit card i got in 2007 and i don't think i ever paid anything towards it. Shameful.
  3. Hey. Where to start... I've got myself in a situation that i really have no idea how to begin getting myself out of. I'm 29 and over the years i stupidly managed to get myself into various debt. Credit Cards and a loan being the culprits. To begin with i was managing ok, then i made the silly decision to go to uni. During this time the debts built rapidly and i took to online gambling to try and save the day. Obviously this just made matters worse and suffice to say i soon dropped out of Uni, with even more Debt. After that i worked full time attempting to pay the debts
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