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  1. Hi im Looking for advice on a DEA I just noticed Background in 2002 I took out 2 crisis loans from the social fund I'm 99% certain that they were both repaid in full Forward to 2014 I receive a letter from DWP claiming I still owed them money I disputed this over the phone with them saying I had repaid in full they asked if I could prove it erm 14yrs after the effect no I couldn't I told them that I wouldn't be paying their spurious claim as they also couldn't prove I owed the money this was the last I heard from them or so I Houghton fast forward t
  2. thats kinda what i thought i had read somewhere that the cause of action begins 1 calander month after the debt became first due ie last payment April next payment due May so it then june becomes the mark from when the prescription and limitations countdown begins thats my understanding of it anyway so i think Lowells have passed on this to BPO to try and chance their luck
  3. Last payment to barclaycard was 22nd april 2009 according to bank statements as im in Scotland I figure that as of may this year it has become statute barred under the prescriptions and limtatioms act. The default date on my credit report is dec 09 which makes it just over 6 months from the last payment
  4. Iv just received a Letter from a company Called BPO. It seems like Lowell are now using them to try and collect on their behalf. I had a barclaycard debt which became statute barred in april of this year. So BPO and Lowell are barking up the wrong tree. SB Letters being sent to tgem first thing
  5. http://www.sundaypost.com/news-views/news-review/parking-fines-may-not-be-enforceable-in-scotland-1.85628 This might be of use.
  6. I was checking my updated credit file today as I do every month and a new default has been applied this month. Its from a pdl that id forgotten about the loan may have been taken out in 2010 I recon. The company have it starting 06/2011 at and defaulting 11/2011. I never had any payday loans at that time they stated. The default date is also 22 months before they first started allegedly reporting this debt. It goes back to sept 2013 for the first entry dsaying it is in default. Even tough today is the first time I have seen it Are they allowed to do this? They seem to be 1. Falsle
  7. No we wont be saying why were not giving additional info . Just that we wont be giving the additional info that they asked for. Im sure they must have somebody there who wears big boy trousers who could work out why
  8. Iv had some very good advice guys. Thanks. Turns out in erudios noa They say that they know my partner has an active DD and that the original t&c's apply so their form will go back to them with the information supplied that slc would have asked for. They will alo be told that they will not be provided with any additional information then if they refuse deferral becasue of that I can go after them via complaint to to the fca and ill be hauling up their data controler with complaints. I figure I should keep my powder dry at least until I get them to blink first
  9. Thats great. Just the advice I was hoping for. Now I can let my partner see this and reassure her she has nothing to worry about Letters will be sent along with cca requests
  10. My partner has read those threads. Shes still none the wiser as to what course of action she should take as regards responding to erudio use yheir forms and change her t&c's. Or not and risk them saying she has breached her t&c's and must start repaying.
  11. Ok so now im really confused. Which is it? Do the original t&c's apply or not. Both of you can't be correct on that
  12. Sorry meant to post that on my own thread and I cant seem to delete it
  13. Surprise surprise. Since I sent that off iv had two further letter threatening a hime visit. Im now looking forward to the little oik turning up so I csn introduce him properly to my three dogs. And then invite him to leave my property and if necessary use reasonable force to help him if he refuses to do so
  14. Surprise surprise. 2 further letters threatening home visits have arrived. Im looking forward to the little oik turning up so that I can introduce him to my three dogs then remove him from my property using only reasonable force if necessary of course
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