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  1. I did make the transaction on may 5th yes.
  2. Hi I need some help. I noticed this morning that £21.50 had been withdrawn from my bank account as a debit card payment from Asda, this had taken me overdrawn. I called the bank and they said that the payment was on 5th May 2012 at an asda store, but for some reason it had only come out on 16th July 2012. I rang asda and was talking to an incredibly rude man, who just kept repeating to me that they are legally allowed 6 months to take payment of a debit card purchase and there was no more he would say. Called bank back, they said nothing they could do. But this in my bank was £7, whic
  3. Hi everyone My name is Sharon, im 24 and Ive got myself into a right old mess. I made the mistake of falling for some bankers fodder when I was 18 and before I knew it I had several loans and overdrafts and credit cards. I kept up the monthly repayments until due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to move house in a hurry and missed several payments and ended up in quite a bit of debt. I applied for a yes loan and like many people was put through to money worries ltd for a debt management plan, I had never heard of such a thing and it sounded wonderful and it was going to fix ever
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