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  1. Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't think it's a different cause of action: it's the same car - they double counted some repayments and although the particulars of claim had the correct figure on it, in court (I wasn't there) they said there had been further repayments amount to the £1,800 and so the CCJ was issued £1,800 lower. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'd be grateful for any help on this issue. I bought a new car on a ballon payment finance scheme. By the time it came to pay the balloon payment of £8K I was out of work due to health issues and for about 18 months the solicitors acting for the finance company accepted informal repayments. Finally they applied for a suspended CCJ (to give their client some protection they said) with repayments by me at the rate of £300 cpm. I did not contest the CCJ as I saw it as reasonable in the circumstances. The CCJ was granted about a year ago and I have ma
  3. Just to update: My access to the website was restored today; yesterdays emails were bounced back in seconds. Perhaps somebody from MiniCredit is reading this link! Balance of account now up to £701 after 21 days, amazing!!!
  4. I too am in the you-know-what with PDLs and MiniCredit in particular. I borrowed £300, made one rollover payment of £99 and failed to pay up on 1 February. I have experienced the same as you guys in terms of non-response, threats etc. I sent them this email this afternoon: Thank you for your email of 20 February. Could you please: 1. Could you please reply to my email of 1 February requesting that charges and interest be frozen and further requesting that a repayment plan be arranged. 2. As at today’s date (20 February 2012) I am unable to access your website, and therefor
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