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  1. I haven't made the first payment yet but I will be doing it either by bank transfer each month or with my debit card.
  2. Just an update for anyone who's interested... both MBNA and Barclaycard had sold the debt on months ago to another company, therefore all charges had stopped from that point. I'm currently paying back the agreed amount to the companies that now own the debts without any interest or charges being added on.
  3. Ok I received a letter from MBNA today. It basically said... "thanks for your letter, we have updated your contact details". So I take it they are just going to use my new address to send more debt collectors after me?
  4. After looking at these response, perhaps I made a mistake saying what I did. Regardless of what they say I am going to start paying the debt off so the worse they can do to me is send me a snotty letter.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I've sent them a letter a few days ago and I'm still waiting for a reply. I'll keep the thread updated with what their response is.
  6. Ok here is my example letter... ************************************** Dear Sir/Madam, Re Account No: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I am writing to you to arrange a repayment plan for the current debt on this account. Due to my financial circumstances I have been unable to make any payments towards this debt for the last few months. However, my circumstances have now changed and I am willing to discuss repayment. I am currently looking to pay approximately £250 per month, providing we can come to an agreement that all interest charges and other charges be stopped on the account effective immediately. This is a special offer I am willing to make, which is completely contingent on the charges being stopped. I am able to make this offer because I am currently in a financial situation where I do not need to pay board/lodgings. This situation can easily be changed if I so wish it to, and if you refuse to accept this offer I will be forced to offer you a token payment of £1 a month for the life of the debt. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Yours, Mr. Five Alive
  7. Yes I will try that ploy - thanks! Also, what would be the best address for both MBNA and Barclaycard? Is there a special address I need to send it to or will any address on their website do?
  8. Thanks for the replies so far. I will draft up a letter to them asking for them to consider dropping the charges/interest but I won't get my hopes up.
  9. I am about to start paying off 2 of my largest debts after about 1 year of not paying anything off and I'm looking for some advice. I'm wanting to contact both of the credit card companies and arrange to start paying off at least £200/month each, as long as they stop charging me interest. Is this going to be a possibility and if so what would I write to them to get this to happen? The 2 debts are about £4000 (Barclaycard) and £1300 (MBNA). Would I be able to talk to them on the phone to arrange this or would I have to do it all by letter? I would appreciate any help you guys could give me as I don't want to unnecessarily be paying off more debt than I need to be.
  10. I've been involved in helping a non-profit organisation get setup technically including a couple of digital projectors. After 14 weeks both projectors developed a fault within 2 weeks of each other. The retailer offered to replace them, all well and good so far. Fast forward weeks and weeks and we still do not have adequate replacements. First the company tried to exchange them for a much lower powered model, and they almost got away with it until I picked up on it - they tried to take advantage of the fact that most of the people that work here aren't really that technically minded. After telling the company I wasn't stupid and that we want the exact same model projector we were sold 14 weeks ago, I was promised 2 brand spanking new projectors of the same model. What turned up were 2 obviously 2nd hand, used pieces of crap with scratch marks and a manufacture date nearly 2 years old. I contacted the company again to explain my dissatisfaction and was promised that these would be swapped for 2 brand new projectors - again. This was before Christmas, and what with the busy postal period nothing happened which was understandable. Then came January, and we still had the old 2nd hand projectors. I had a delivery man turn up once but he only had 1 projector and I wasn't in a position to climb onto the roof to take them down at the time - that was the closest we ever came to getting them replaced. Since then the supplier has palmed me off to the manufacturer, who has been even less helpful. The problem is that the supplier started a returns process with the manufacturer for the dodgy 2nd hand projectors and not our original new ones, and so I think this is causing the manufacturer to not want to give us 2 new projectors, even though that is what we bought 14 weeks before they broke down. After reading up on the Sale of Goods Act 1979, then looking at the companies terms and conditions and finding no exclusions mentioned, I'm wondering how to proceed. I would like to send a threatening letter that will light a fire under the supplier but I'm not which part of the Sale of Goods Act deals with exchanged items when the replacement is not a "like-for-like" replacement. To me it is common sense that if you have two 14 week old projectors priced at £500 each that develop a fault, you should receive two new projectors. However I'm not sure if the law agrees with what I think is common sense and I wondered if someone could explain exactly which part of the law is on our side. So far the supplier hasn't been very helpful, but I am up for opening a dialogue if I am armed with the right words to say.
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