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  1. I suffer from migraines due to medication I am taking. I had cancer at 17 which resulted in me loosing my ovaries n early menapause. I am 25. I also from just got away from an abusive parent. I have been under alot if stress and yet somehow I manage to do my work without errrors. This person however is constantly waiting for me to mess up. Every opportunity she gets she pounces. I spoke to my team leader today and she stated she would highlight this in performance reviews. She too has been subjected to this persons discriminatory behaviour and has advised our manager of this. My te
  2. I work in collections for a major building society in the UK our normal working hours are between the hours of 9am -5pm, however as our lines are open until 7 pm, we usually have one person for each day who will cover a 2-8pm shift. It so happens that I requested some time off at work, only 3 days from Weds 18- Fri 20/01. On the Rota I was apparently down to work Thursday the 19th covering the late shift. I did not have a look at this because I would not be at work from the 18th and I had requested my leave from 9th January 2012. This morning I returned to work and the first thing that gr
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