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  1. Thanks for your help thats a weight off my mind
  2. Hello everyone I put a small deposit on a used car and used finance to pay for it ,i signed a finance application which got accepted 2 days later but now changed my mind i have not been back to the garage since though so i have not signed the actual finance form or took my licence etc Can i back out of it not bothered about my small deposit Many thanks doomed
  3. Hi all im currently paying back my overpayment of 12k and wondered does this debt show up on my credit report .if i wanted to sell my house and move im wondering if it will show up on a credit search from the bank for a mortgage Thanks doomed
  4. Thanks is the interest on the loan also added if so then im at my 50% stage ,also read my agreement and it says its my responsibility to return the car so does that mean i have to take it to them
  5. Thanks for replies is it 50% of the time ie my original term was 4 years now i have 2 years left Or 50% of car value ,since i borrowed 6.650 my 2 year statement says i owe £4056 rougly without looking at letter ,ive only paid 2.6k from the balance even though i pay £167 a month . Thanks all and sorry im asking stupid questions its my first vt and am quite looking forward to parting with said car
  6. There is no damage except the kurbed alloys , but they were kurbed when i bought it although i have also added to the kurbing ; the amount i financed was £7536 just had a look and with my £886 deposit brings it to £6650 for the car ; am i still too early to vt it without mucking up my credit rating or a penalty Even though ive had it 50% of the agreement Thanks doomed
  7. Hi all dont know if this is in the right section i have looked but couldnt find the right place unless this is it. I bought my car may 2010 over a 4 year finance deal so 2 years exactly into it car cost £7000 and put in £800 deposit and currently owe £4026 so my year statement says as of yesterday. Ive hated this car since i bought it but lived with it as i couldnt afford to be in negative equity to finance a different car, if i am to vt the car am i able to do so now and also i missed a service as i couldnt really afford and begrudged spending £250 on a service ; also the alloys are quite badly scuffed what will the outcome of this be Thanks doomed
  8. Doomed

    Tax credit fraud!!

    They offered that amount and to be honest even if they said £200 a month it would still take years but we would be on our backside but we can still live with £50 and the fact we have a joint claim in now works out nothing ,have you heard anything
  9. Doomed

    Tax credit fraud!!

    Hi ecb Your figure is that exact cause it works out same as mine and am paying back £50 a month ,which is alot better than what we all first thought when we got the dreaded letter about prison etc etc Least we can get on with our lifes with our children
  10. Doomed

    Tax credit fraud!!

    They asked for all our outgoings including sky lol and i said £50 and they were happy with that
  11. Doomed

    Tax credit fraud!!

    Hi im back sorry it took so long to reply ,it was also the preston office i had to ring and it took about a month to get my overpayment letter saying how much hmrc was wanting back (its like a loan to them) i told them that the house was mortgaged in both our names (tax credits dont think that married people split up and dont get divorced straight away;they also dont believe that people can go back to their parents house while seperated). The person on the phone did say we have loads of evidence regarding he is living with you Ie credit reference agencies but like said above its also his house and he applied for car finance he didnt stop to ask cause its his house too. Im paying back £50 a month for 20 years so £12.50 a week not a lot but still none of us should have to pay it back as we was single not like we claiming £50k housing benefit a year like some do in london
  12. Doomed

    Tax credit fraud!!

    Thought i might add that cause we and my husband have got back together we have been able to do a joint claim backdated 3 months so all in all we are getting more than £50 so not costing us anything Wish they could say leave the £50 a month and dont claim lol
  13. Doomed

    Tax credit fraud!!

    Hi ecb ,put it this way my name doomed is when i thought i would be going to prison ,now im happy again let is know how you get on
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