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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am thinking of taking them to the small claims court for these charges of £15 a shot for letters from them which I did not get but I want them to remove that default first and I dont want to put their backs upwhile I am negotiating, but unforunately not getting very far. I have tried another letter saying I dont want to use a note of correction so I will have to wait for a reply. Some say the Ombudsman is a waste of time,
  2. Hi I`ve held a card for 9 years and had not used it for a while - I was also living abroad for 2 years and the card had a small amount of credit on. On my return I made a mistake and put a purchase on the card thinking it was my debit card and so it went into default, the first time ever in my credit history which has been spotless all of my life (62 now). I know I was stupid to forget to change the address as well but it was a time of great stress and my memory is bad due to an illness. I knew nothing of this for a year. As soon as I found out I settled even paying the extra
  3. Thanks but I want to write snailmail to him,
  4. Does anyone have the address of the current CEO please?
  5. Yes it is registed as 8
  6. I held a credit card with MBNA for 10 years and never defauted. The last few years I did not use it at all and there was £12 credit on the account. Last November, during a time of great personal stress, I accidentally paid something with the card instead of my debit card and never knew I had done this till recently. I did not receive any letters from MBNA as I had overlooked telling them a change of address because of not using the card for so long - I had forgotten all about it. I know this is very stupid and irresponsible and it is the very first time (I am 61) I have
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