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  1. oh - its from "h i g h v i e w p a r k i n g" if that's relevent? Its a residents only car park with no gate or payment
  2. Wow - thanks for the incredibly fast replies everyone. Must admit, I've never had one of these (I've had ones from the council - but not private ones) so was wondering whether appealing was worth the effort. I guess doing that would admit that I was driving and muddy the case somewhat. So basically ignore absolutely everything that comes - but keep it on file - that's the best way to proceed?
  3. HI everyone I've got a parking notice from a ANPR camera on a private car park - they're asking for £90 (£75 if paid by the 25th). They have a photo of my car entering and leaving with a gap of 43 minutes between. I've read about the "ignore everything from PCNs" concept, but may have a case for appealing, so thought I'd run it past you before saying anything. Here's what happened. I went to pick up a model (I'm a photographer) from some flats where he lives He wasn't ready - so I pulled up in the car park at the front We went to the security guard's desk to as
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