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  1. hi thanks . there must be something that can be done??
  2. hi i am hoping someone can help us. we are trying to find a solicitor to fight us against swift. we borrowed £28,000 7 years ago and when i asked for figures yesterday they said we now owe £33,000 due to a missed/late payment 5 years ago ! how can this be legal and they say the loan is front loaded with interest which we never agreed too !!
  3. Hi, I am hoping i can get some advice on here as i am at a loss as to where to go next with swift. we took out a secured loan for £28,000 in 2005 . there was a brief period where we fell into arrears in 2007 due to redundancy but quickly resolved this and have paid on time for the last 5 years every month so was stunned when we got a statement a year ago and we still owe more than we took out - the charges are ridiculous and they are charging huge interest on them. i have already tried to tackle them and got nowhere - it seems my contract was loose and they were not regulated - surely there must be something i can do - can i try and claim these charges back now or am i in a bad situation as they were not 'regulated' at the time ??????? Please any advice would be much appreciated as this is holding me back !! Laura
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