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  1. Thanks Ims, I have already gone through all the statements and the interests rates were as follows; 15.95% from when the account was opened until July 2004 17.95% from August 2004 until May 2007 18.95% from June 2007 until March 2009 9.95% from April 2009 until September 2009 15.95% from October 2009 to date They mention a compounded interest rate of 9%?
  2. Hi Ims, I have now received the below response from MBNA regarding the spreadsheet that I used and the calculations; Fromthe information you have sent us, I also note your comments regarding thecalculated amount of redress provided in our previous response under referencenumber 8******. Our calculator works in accordance with FSA guidance andreconstructs the account on a month by month basis as if PPI had not beenpresent. As such, I must inform you that we are confident that the calculation,and redress provided, is correct. As requested, I have enclosed a copy of thiscalculation for yo
  3. Hi FrancisFamily, I have offered to help a family friend with his halifax mortgage PPI complaint (not that I feel im being much help) but it is also from the late 80's and his statements show the monthly payment broken down and included is a sum for what I believe to be the PPI.
  4. Hi Ims thanks for this. He genuinly didnt know he was paying PPI and what its purpose is, I thought the mis-sale would be on the grounds that he was SE at the time also but now it seems that he wasnt. Do you know what the monthly insurance may have been? Am I correct that the repayments insurance is the PPI? Thanks
  5. Hi, My Dads business partner has now given me the statements for his mortgage and Im really unsure whats what. The statements read Monthly Mortgage payment of £361.60 Monthly Insurance Instalment of £43.52 Monthly contents insurance premium of £31.79 Mortgage repayments insurance of £27.39 Is the 'mortgage repayment insurance' £27.39 the PPI??...what may the 'monthly insurance' be? There appears to be two seperate loan reference numbers one at a fixed rate and the other standard variable rate. Under the repayments type it states This is a combination re
  6. I have today received a standard acknowledgement letter quoting a new complaint reference number. This is so frustrating...why would they log as a new complaint when all I want is a breakdown of figures. I have just sent an email to Ian Odoherty.
  7. Thanks for that info Ims - much appreciate as I wasnt sure where I stood with this. I thought I was facing the choice of A. accept what they have offered or B. wait around a year for FOS to take a look at it. I couldnt praise MBNA highly enough when they dealt with the claim so swiftly but my experience on the phone today was absolutely dreadful. I was on the phone for over an hour and passed from pillar to post. I think i will stick with writing to them.
  8. So still havent received a response to my follow up letter to MBNA - checked the Royal Mail tracking site today and it doesnt confirm delivery of my letter so called MBNA to question whether they received it. MBNA have said that as far as they are concerned, they send a cheque and thats their final decision on the matter. Any appeals on figures must go to the FOS?!....great !
  9. Cheque arrived on Friday although I also posted my letter of to them on Friday requestng their calculations so have asked my Dad not to cash it for now. He's over the moon though. Thanks again for all your help
  10. wow that was quick Your a star Ims - thanks! Ill ask him for the statements and get started!!
  11. Hi there, Having just succesfully reclaimed credit card PPI for my dad who is self employed his business partner has asked if I will try and reclaim PPI for him. He says that he has PPI on his Halifax mortgage statements and has paid a total of £8K in PPI over the life of his mortgage? Is the process for reclaiming mortgage PPI the same?? What questions should I be asking him and is the fact that he is self employed grounds for mis-sale? Many Thanks
  12. Hi Shelley, I claimed on behalf of my Dad who is self employed - I just got a letter upholding the claim from MBNA
  13. Thanks citizenB - I was extremely lucky - posted the claim on 6th June and final response received dated 22nd June upholding the claim. Well done MBNA
  14. I've been playing around with my spreadsheet and it looks like MBNA have used around an average of 9.02% interest based on the PPi premiums paid as this calculates their interest within a few pence The APR on the credit card was 15.95% from when the account was opened in 2002 until July 2004 17.95% from August 2004 until May 2007 18.95% from June 2007 until March 2009 9.95% from April 2009 until September 2009 15.95% from October 2009 to date I am defintely baffled.
  15. Thanks ims, ill get that sent off tomorrow then and will keep you updated!
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