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  1. I am just going to go with the cashing in of the policy as it is. nobody can seem to answer my question. Most advise it is down to the company it is going to. Dont really want to tie the money up any longer. Did you ask a site team colleague regarding the HMRC overpayment?
  2. I have googled it thank you. I realize I am taxed on it. I am currently in dispute with HMRC regarding an overpayment of tax credits going back to 2004/2005 and 2008/2009/2010. Will they have any rights on this money at tax point? Can they take all the payment to offset the claimed amount?
  3. I am about to turn 55 and have been giving some thought to my pensions. I have three that are under £1000 and give practically no return as a pension so going to cash them in. I have one that has a cash value of £11,000 and a transfer value of £16,000. Just spoke to an advisor and I am a little confused now. I understand the tax free amounts and the taxable amounts. Would I be able to do a pension transfer for the £16,000 into another pension pot with another provider (getting the extra £4,000 bonus) and then cash in the value with the second provider? Is there a time limit on how long i
  4. We are back on with this again. Received a notification that the deduction from my wages has to commence immediately. Pity they obviously haven't read my previous letter to advise I was made redundant at the end of July. Curt reply to my previous request for the breakdown of the calculation for the over payment. Crested the Government Gateway ID ready to make the complaint if I don't get the info I have requested. Not exactly sure who I am dealing with now. I have been requesting information from Preston but the latest reply has come from BX9 1ER so
  5. Thanks dx100uk. Unfortunately the credit file has plummeted. Gone from excellent to poor. I can't confirm how much she has spoke to them. As she blocks one number, they pop up again on a different one. She did tell third party that they had been on to her and I believe a payment has been made by said third party. Don't know if this is true or not. I only have third party promise to my cousin. Without engaging with these people I have little knowledge of previous contact, amount of debt or paperwork. That was what made me think an SAR would possibly? give me the
  6. My cousin has received a letter from the above. They have been requested by Vodafone to collect the outstanding amount. There is no amount listed on the letter. They are telephoning her daily as well. The mobile in question was taken out for a 'family member' who assured her it would be paid regularly. We think this hasn't been the case, hence why they are now contacting her. She realizes she has been very silly in signing a credit agreement for a third party and I have made her aware that Vodafone or Moorcroft would not be interested in that informat
  7. I have sent the letter off today. Lets wait and see what it brings. I have also asked for an address of an independent body to complain to. Is there such a thing? Thanks for you help.
  8. I sent them an SAR back in 2016 when this started. I had 6 parcels delivered which had roughly a thousand or more sheets inside each parcel which are just screenshots of computer screens. Copy after copy is just the same thing. They mean absolutely nothing to me at all. I have now found the award notices for most of the years we have claimed. Some of them say that they are amended awards but there are figures on there which say amounts have been reclaimed. I am going to go through them year by year and try and see if I can get the figures to match what they are claiming.
  9. Looking for some advice regarding dealing with the Debt Collection Department at Trafford dealing with an 'over payment' from 2005/2006/2009/2010 totaling over £8000.00. Was in discussion with HMRC back in Early 2017. Their last letter being April when they listed the years they were claiming for and stating the reason it was an over payment was because we hadn't signed and returned some declaration in 2005 + 2006 + 2009 + 2010. My last letter to them stating it really wasn't an over payment they were just claiming back every penny we have ever been issued because of
  10. In March last year I sent a PAP form to Lowell and received a letter saying they would deal with it and come back to me. In October last year I sent a PAP form to Lowell and received a letter saying they would deal with it an come back to me. both were the one off here and not the one they sent in their letter. Earlier this year I had a letter advising me that Vanquish had reduced the debt due to the miss-selling of Insurance. Just gone onto my previous thread bit it says as there is no new thread for 378 days i should start another. Now go
  11. The Chief Executive I have emailed left the company on the 13th September. After a little email tennis with a lady who has picked up the email, it has been forwarded to someone who is processing me a replacement gift card and it will be with me in the next few days. Result? We will see.
  12. I have just emailed the Chief Executive of Pandora to see if that gets a response.
  13. I have been to the Pandora shop in the Trafford Centre in Manchester tonight to purchase a bracelet, safety chain and cleaning kit. Tried to use a gift card I got last year for my birthday. Lady scanned the card and it showed the card was valid till 23.09.2021. Balance on the card was 50.00. Available balance was NIL. Lady said they are only valid for 12 months and showed me the date written on the reverse saying 23.09.2017 and where it clearly says on the card 'Valid for 12 months from date of purchase'. She said it obviously isn't down to them, it is the card issuer, but she coul
  14. Title says 'Letter of Claim - 30 days to Prevent Legal Action'. Letter is dated 15th September 2018 Says they are acting on behalf of Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. Reply Form is the one with options A to I and I have to fill in and return the form. If I don't, it could result in court proceedings. Exactly the same as I returned back in March.
  15. And this has raised its ugly head again..... Just received a letter from Lowell Solicitors. Exactly the same vein as last time. They are acting on behalf on Vanquish to recover the debt. I have 30 days to respond. enclosed is a 'Background to your debt - before a claim is issued' sheet. Also enclosed is an information sheet about seeking debt advice. Finally a 'Reply Form' for me to complete. All the same boxes that I printed off from here, filled in and sent them back in March. Do I do the same again? Do I find their letter advising me it is in hand and they will come back t
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