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  1. Dear rebel11, Thank you so much for your comment! Before I write a letter to them, what do you mean by "CCTV footage with payment"? Do I need to pay for it? Or do I request some payment as compensation?? If yes, how much would be adequate? For example, I do not have receipts of my personal belongings and some of them are just priceless (such as USB stick). Thanks again!!!
  2. I went shopping to Zara (Covent Garden/ London) on 12. Jan. 2012. After buying two pairs of shoes, I wanted to try a jacket on and that was when I placed my bag on the floor next to me. While I was busy trying it on and looking at myself in the mirror, the bag was gone. I asked employees for help and they looked around but after a few minutes, the only answer I got was, "Sorry, it's gone. There is nothing we can do." I asked to see CCTV to find out what happened but a lady answered that there was no CCTV. Since I was in such a shock and all I could think of was blocking all credit/debit
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