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  1. i took a payday loan out with them for £200 in june 2011 paid them £226 i owed £5 which i then thought nothing else about it until i stared getting emails in november saying you have failed to pay back your loan then i read down the email it said you have occured interest and charges the total you now owe is £1925.17. for owing £5 its jumped up £1920.17 that is a complete joke. since then i entered a debt relief order in november 2011 for my other debts which this 1 was included up till today it has now jumped up to £2625.17 and they want me to send a copy of my debt relief order which i have done 4 times by post and via the toothfairy finance website aperaently they cant red my document i have sent it in every file format possible. this company is the bigest joke you will ever see and a pack of cowboys. i have taken it to the fsa, trading standards and my friend who is solicitor who is now pursuing them for harrasment. if they call dont answer they cant do nothing to you as they wont appear on your credit report.
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