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  1. I will get him to phone the company on Monday, I have not said anything as I feel it is their place not mine, but I did tell him they wanted to speak with him, as it stands I have no idea whether or not he should go in on Monday , the lady I spoke to said she was going to have a word with the boss as I had said they were being unfair
  2. He has been with the company for just over a year, It is part time just hour and half an evening , Can't remember having a written contract, we did sign something when we started but was not given copies . They do have his e mail address and usually if there is a problem they call onto the site to see us. So they could have either e mailed or simply called in
  3. Can anyone advise me on this, I have a evening cleaning job which I do with my son, it is 1 1/2 hours a evening, a few weeks ago the boss phoned me with a couple of complaints she had from the company, then went on to say she didn't think my sons cleaning was up to standard and she would have to eventually replace him. Then I had a phone call yesterday saying that they want to make today my sons last day. I said to them they would have to speak to him personally as it was not my place , they had tried to phone him but his mobile is broken. They have still no
  4. Thank you for all your replies , very helpful Hooefully we will get this sorted out sooner rather than later
  5. Thank you, he is currently using my account for his wages until he gets another account . Is there anything else we can do to get santander to back charge the money or can he take both cases to the ombudsman?
  6. Back in April Wonga , who my son is having major problems with, took £70 from his account, there was no money in the account so it went overdrawn. He had an agreement with wonga to pay back £38 per month, they emptied his account in March taking £227 because they tried taking the money before his wages were paid in . He then applied for a charge back and it was paid back in. This time Santander are being awkward. He originally asked for a block to be put on them, they said they couldn't block it but would get the money back if it happened again. He filled
  7. Great thanks I will give that a read through.
  8. He did, see a couple of comment up. Managed to get the money back Have asked the bank to put a block on them, they said they can't block them but will get the money back if they do it again
  9. I will send everything to the OFT, He received a letter from Wonga demanding payment and says he will get interest added. An e mail was sent to them on Friday with no reply, with an offer of monthly payments, also notified them that all copies of e mails and no response's were being kept and noted. Should I also get him to write to them? Thought it best to keep it to e mail and letters so we have copies
  10. Quick update on this, managed to get the bank to back charge all the money, not heard a word from wonga!
  11. Yes it was there online contact form, there is still £30 owed I don't think they could take that as there was not enough in the bank. I will get him to e mail again, maybe putting it a little stronger, he has just asked them to reconsider paying back the money they took. His other direct debits have failed now because of them
  12. Thanks will do. Still not had a reply from wonga. will file a complaint anyway!
  13. Thanks for the replies, He has e mailed wonga to ask them to reconsider a refund, if as I think that will fail I will tell him to go ahead and contact the bank again tomorrow when they open, Do you know where he can make an official complaint against them? Though they did e mail him a couple of days before I do not consider that enough notification as he does not check his e mails very often , surely notice in writing should be given ?
  14. My son got himself in debt with wonga and had agreed a repayment programme with them of £40 per month. He thought the arrangement was set for the end of every month and had been paying since November, This month they tried to take the money on the 25th and the money was not in there, pay day is the last friday of every month so the cash went in today. They took £227 everything in the bank leaving him with nothing to live on, he rang them and they were very unhelpful saying they e mailed him on the 25th saying the payments were 4 weekly so they would not give the money back . Is there anything
  15. Glad it went ok, probation isn't that bad i'm in my 5 month now, I had to do a money management course which was quite helpful, plus attend meetings every 2 weeks, they can be a bit boring but still better than prison
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