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  1. Hi, The loan had not been regulated with this company at the time of my agreement, As per letter from them"see above" Please note, .all the hard work and it was" hard work" by me alone, As the mods on this website will tell you ( you will need your signed agreement) This helped me,
  2. Hi Skyrocket1, it was just under the two months, Bit of a fight from them at first!!:-oBut good on them:roll:keep going and never give up hope,
  3. Two Months of writing and telephoning and received letter of offer today:whoo: With the added 8% interest, Dated 1989 On a roll, can any mod please put this in the success section please,
  4. Sorry we have been away on our holidays and just returned and happy easter everyone. And thanks Corny90 It was hard work"but it paid off in the end,
  5. ****WON*******WON********WON*********WON**********WON***********WON***********WON*******WON My Big Fight with Paragone personal Finance is now over:-) and it took less then five weeks on my own, My donation is on its way and help this website grow and again help others,
  6. On a warm summer's evenin' on a train bound for nowhere I met up with the gambler, we were both too tired to sleep So we took turns a starin' out the window at the darkness 'Til boredom overtook us and he began to speak He said, "Son, I've made a life, out of readin' people's faces And knowin' what their cards were by the way they held their eyes So if you don't mind my sayin', I can see you're out of aces For a taste of your whiskey I'll give you some advice" So I handed him my bottle and he drank down my last swallow Then he bummed a cigarette and asked me for a light
  7. But the bank has stress"two more days":smile:I was good at chess and my next move will be check mate,
  8. Time for company number 3,( MBNA) Like all the mods on here will tell you" do it yourself" you never know??:wink:The harder the company"the harder I try.this might sound strange.but my story within the next week or so will become clear, MBNA My next port of call, Sent off letter on the 12/01/2012, The clock is now ticking, 40 days. Phoned them today again :lol:informed them the cheque was cashed £10.00 and now will be adding my call charge onto any refund, Will keep you all informed. My motto is clear-give us our money back,
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