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  1. the first thign this person needs to do is get the car checked over by a skilled mechanic and one that is QUALIFIED becuase their evidence will need to stand up in court. they need to go over the car top to bottom. they need to state if the gasket was gone before or after the sale and if there were clear signs of the issue and the likelyhood the previous owner knew about it. they also need to state what it would cost to repair/replace the parts that are needing done, specifically on the items that should not have died within the space of time they took ownership if the car had
  2. if im correct the n244 isnt the form, thats actually the form to request the court for them to see the actual form you need. ie i need to apply for n300 (made up) so i need to put that onto the n244 form for the n300 to be heard. hence why im asking for the "add cost to judgment form" the fee form i know about aswell as the n244 as stated, its the other oen which they havent mentioned is what i dont know. and you are 100% i dont know a lot and i went with what they had advised was the next stage ie the sheriffs office. and its also why im here because if i knew the info i
  3. not at all, but at least ill get somewhere since ive used google with the exact wording in the letter and nothing comes up its either i get help from you folks in a timely manner or i wait the 20 days itll likely take for them to reply. i simply thought it would have been a less painful process to get this application, unless you folks dont actually know what the name of the application is called and if thats the cas then simply state that
  4. actually the statutory demand isnt free at all , (unless i got screwed over by the sherrifs office which now wouldnt shock me at all) i get the feeling i wont ever get the answer to a simple question here which is sad and very odd. you dont need to know the ins and outs all you need to do is give me the requested information. but to dictate what is right or wrong in the details i have given is wrong , when i again have only requested where to get this application from.
  5. well im not giving our fully details of who and how much as i dont see that relevant. the judgement was in my favour. when the judgement was awarded a few years ago.. been some time but i think it was 2014, since then ive been going through each process from high court write to the last one currently being statutory demand which was done by the worst company "the sheriffs office" bloody lazy people who sent me a certificate stating it had been served but only after i chased them for it and was even then only given a few words on it basically making it useless in any court. so
  6. it was stating the breakdown of the amount owed by the debtor from the statutory demand, as they requested why that amount was different from the original first court judgement. so was rather surprised to have this letter basically saying i could apply to have the break down amounts added to have the new amoutn as the adjusted judgement. however as shown they havent stated what the application is and didnt supply it. so i need to know what that is to carry on.
  7. this has no connection to any other topic ive done before (and i say this because i know ive confused myself and messed things up previously) i have recently gained this letter and a copy of the fee application, however i havent been given the application they are referencing and was hoping somebody could tell me where this form is. i have emailed them but itll be about a month before i get a response.
  8. sadly ive tried, unless im missing something really basic.. which due to the stress this idiot has caused theres no doubt something so simple is staring at me. its a shame i never too a picture of the van they always used as that was plastered with the checkatrade info, yet when i checked on that site he was no where to be seen on there
  9. "thats for you the claimant to find out when you issue a claim" sorry i may have mis read this, sodid you just say there is no application to get the info from his bank and the only way i would have foud this out is by issuign a claim at court for the court to then basically say "well we cant do the claim unless you have the address" again i may have that wrong. so the "order to obtain information" wouldnt be it then
  10. based on the guys bank details his bank is LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC LYMINGTON (308063) Taunton OSC, i asked them how to obtain the details from them and they basically said an order from the court. so i need to know what application i need to fill in to gain this court order to gain his guys address
  11. just so you know i was able to get a refreshed court order for the 2007 judgment
  12. hi guys, so i have the name, mobile number, email address and bank details of the professional that i hired, unfortunately they never gave me an invoice and i never gained their address. The job they did was below standard and they even damaged our property for me to be able to take action against them i need their address, so since i know you need to obtain a court order for the bank to release the address, what form do i need for this to happen.
  13. thanks but cant i have my question answered please and i couldnt action my ccj because the chap had moved moments before the ccj was awarded and its only now that i have found his address.
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