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  1. One should how this saga ended, well in part it has, Adam rang at 11 am to say, your laptop is coming back, not fixed, go ahead & sue us, we are not changing. 11.05am, We notify legal, arrangement to sieze home & company property, & issue proceedings against specific top people, & PCworld. Managment & Police warned of our intent to sieze their property as security, so not deemed as theft. At 2pm SAME DAY, tel call Adam, instructed to instantly give us vouchers. "On Managment Instructions" They even paid for us £80 to collect new laptop. ( it was 125 miles each way ) as only one left in Country. Thank God for some one, seeing sence. ========== We have now received the data protection records, photo shows they NEGLEGENTLY RE-CONNECTED THE BATTERY. Causing further damage. The reason they refused to repair or replace, the laptop Legal dept have appologised, saying it was clear my damaged nose nerve in me, causing type of spasmodic shock in me, which caused me & laptop to fall down concrete, multi story car park stairs. But repairs had translated it to !, I had been electrocuted from inside the laptop ??, & I dropped it. saying this could not happen, due to shielding. Also damage excessive for carpeted house stairs, ???? what idiot said that. ========== Problem 2) They had advised, they were going to recover the data from our twin hard drives, but given the amount of data, they were simply to return our fully working hard drives. They confirmed in 2 emails that they had been fully tested & worked fine. Also Adam sent email, drives returned as good will jesture. Twin hard drives arrived via curriers, in white envelope, both drives touching, no padding or packaging !. We refused to open the white envelope, ( no fragile warnings etc ) but we instead took it straight to local store PCWORLD, repairs, they instantly said ?, they will not work, they should not have sent like that, but they opened envelope, tested the drives, they were so far gone they could not even get serial number from any of the 2 drives. They contacted repairs workshop HQ, & they transfered to Adam, who promptly said, tough. WD wont touch the drives as even in warranty, warranty was scrapped when heard, sent in an envelope, & not boxed Another company will not attempt data recovery given the damage to the plates is excessive, due to PCWORLD post. We have told PCWORLD to send us two new drives, they refuse, we await Legal Dept intervention. The matter is clearly 1982 Goods & Services act Complete failure of, Duty of care ============
  2. We bought a £1,299 laptop from PC World buisness, with £579 Premium Cover. ANY EVENT Accidental damage, fell down multi story, concrete, car park stair well, when I tumbled when ill. To understand events, History background, 2 years later, with a vast assortment of bad medical problems, medically, I already have a bone damaged injured nose caused by using long term nazal spray from Dr, with a 5 mm hole through it. In short on stairwell, There was movement in my nose, I could not breath, forced to pick the blockage, I must have touched a nerve, I felt like I had had an electric shock, this together with other things in my mind, just finding out my consultant suspected I now had cancer, on top of slow liver failure caused massive anxiety attack, I miss stepped & fell down multi story car park concerete stairwell, the laptop dropped & smashed. I dont recall specifics, just getting home, only later the hospital Surgeons report 9th Jan, to find on his examination, had caused 1.5 cm hole in my nose, between nostrils, was only 5mm before. He now want's to remove my nose to fix it. These hosital letters have gone to the C/E. Despite premium cover, gives me 24 our collection, when rang for collection, or engineer, told no collection from my house for a week so took it to store 9th Jan. Even then, It could not be collected until 13th Jan no vans available, So it took minimum 5 days to collect policy states within 1 days. They are instantly to send us a loan set, or as soon as one came in, factually it never came. EXPLAINING AS of the 21 Jan 2012 FROM THEIR OWN HISTORY RECORDS, " WHICH SHOWS TO ASK ". Weird things, but I have now asked all the qustions, the collection jobbooked 9th, this was scrapped on the 13 Jan, & yet re-booked on the 13th, now to be collected on the 27th, & returned to me on the 3rd Feb. However, it also shows, 13th, emergency private currier booked to collect on 13th& was delived to repair works on the 16th Jan, No mention when where its beenFactually 19th, told laptop was not even looked at until 9.30am 19th Jan. This was later stated as the 18th ??. I have requested copy of all recordsUnder rules, time limit is 7 days to be returned to me, or 10 days, if via store. Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed 18th "10 days" So it has to be back with me in my possession, yet only just looked at on the 19 th Thursday at 9.30. Being 11 days At 19th 9.35 Thursday, despite being out of repair time, & me every day asking for repair back or replacement, it is branded as excessive damage ??, & sent to PCWORLD Fraud ?. Garry Perrment. We rang at 9.40 on the 19th, & told just gone to fraud dept ?. Said that was a co-incidence of time. This was then changed to, we looked at it on the 18th at 9.30 ?? We await copy repair reports & papers Concerned, by this, were asking questions, we contact repairs, 19th at 11am, & explained what had happened, are now told, repair was out of time & should not have been sent to fraud, & the accident I described, was correct to the damage, I was told she had just written it off, & would get vouchers, worry no more. 11 am Records show write off as stated by her 19th, she had requested vouchers. However 19th at 4.30pm records show, claims investigations, cancelled the write off, it is to be returned to store 20th, with letter from fraud, XXXX going to ask how it happened. Saying down A FEW CARPETED HOUSE STAIRS ????, would not have damaged the screen & case. So fraud. On the 20 & 21st, records show, still in repairs, NEVER returned to store. ( As of 21/1/2012 utterly no letter or email to me This is what I am finding out, by others loking at others notes. ) 20th Jan, agent, by chance mentions this note by fraud about falling down house stairs query as reason for refusal, & I told him what had happened in car park stairs. He said looking at all notes, there is no mention about house, just "Fell down Stairs" Yet fraud had stated assumed it was inside a house ????. We post & emailed served notice today on the chief exec of 7 days before we issue in the County Court. AVIVA Our insurance Co, advise, when I ask them, they will get us new laptop & or sue PCWORLD under our own legal protection policy, They will either way, get the money from them. Email & via Spec Del, letter & 3 departments, hospital reports have been sent to Chief Exec, showing 3 medical reports, on the 9th Jan, surgeon saw me with view, to repair a prior small hole in my nose the central bone tissue had died, because of using nazal sprays over 22 years, & now 9th it was 1.5 CM, In the fall my finger had banged a big hole through, & " I now needed Nose removal " & Nose rebuild. Taking bone from my ear. I await to see if they say, accident was not accidental !. Letters advise, would have to do surgery, but needed confirmation, from my liver expert, was I up to complicated surgery, as diagnosed with liver damaged & failure, Other report letters, say were doing on 10th Jan, more tests for bowel & other caners, as constantly loosing blood. I mention this to explain the anxiety attack, after getting blood results back, & informed, by mistake they were doing more tests for cancer etc. Hence when I had an anxiety attack, it was for good reason, I do not think, a person, would push finger through a small hole in their nose, unless by accident. making it confirmed 1.5cm on 9th. We now await until Monday when the Chief exec, gets our notice, & 3 hospital letters / medical reports. In my calls to K/H, it was said, this Garry Perryment thing, becoming a norm, " to dispute everything " People do not think, to question in detail about times, & events, We want to know exactly who has been doing what to our laptop, & expect to find excessive damage has been done by them. 5 days in store, with external curriers, etc, etc. The policy covers us for WHAT EVER HAPPENS. Accident / or Breakdown. What is important to everyone, is the above cover, & to those like us, that are entitled to a loan set. We never got one, yet asked every day. As described to C/E. The policy states loan set as available In these many calls, we were told they had, thousand of people elligible to get a loan laptop, & each week say had 400 requests, yet they only had a hand full say 6. yet they needed 400, described to me, we had more chance of winning on the lottery. Hence we have made freedom of information request, & told the C/E, to us, the implied terms, loan set if available, is totally miss leading, as chance of getting one ever was next to NIL. To us this is miss representation, & we asked a number of questions via F/I. We wait & see. I feel it is important for them to see the stress they are causing to others.
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