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  1. One should how this saga ended, well in part it has, Adam rang at 11 am to say, your laptop is coming back, not fixed, go ahead & sue us, we are not changing. 11.05am, We notify legal, arrangement to sieze home & company property, & issue proceedings against specific top people, & PCworld. Managment & Police warned of our intent to sieze their property as security, so not deemed as theft. At 2pm SAME DAY, tel call Adam, instructed to instantly give us vouchers. "On Managment Instructions" They even paid for us £80 to collect new laptop. ( it
  2. We bought a £1,299 laptop from PC World buisness, with £579 Premium Cover. ANY EVENT Accidental damage, fell down multi story, concrete, car park stair well, when I tumbled when ill. To understand events, History background, 2 years later, with a vast assortment of bad medical problems, medically, I already have a bone damaged injured nose caused by using long term nazal spray from Dr, with a 5 mm hole through it. In short on stairwell, There was movement in my nose, I could not breath, forced to pick the blockage, I must have touched a nerve, I felt like I had had an electr
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