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  1. hi thanks for that info dolly, have decided to withdraw it, it does say i have 14 days to request a refund on the 45 i paid although they will keep 5 pounds of it!! think i will try saving for a few months with the credit union and go for a loan with them!! im so silly jumping in without really thinkn this tru!! thx jill
  2. so since its a broker whichever loan company signs me up i dont have to accept the offer then? i can walk away and just face fact ive lost the broker fee? am i right? u have to be saving with cred union for several weeks though i thk i will if ive got away with this and accept my losses. why would u run for the hills? if u dont mind me asking, i had hoped to pay 26 a week into a separate account for this loan then lift it out week its due and place in right account for loan to be taken. have read a few scary ones bout these loans and i hope i have went through all the right channels and dont get caught like others did
  3. funny the more i tried to look into these things i got the feeling they working on behalf of companies, so basically in a nut shell i stand to loose only my fee at the moment i havent signed up for any loans? i can cancel up to 14 days to get my fee back minus 5 pounds of it. which would u opt for? and have you any suggestions bar saving. i know bank will not give me one have already tried them. so grateful for your help and thank u. x jill
  4. yes this is the one i had to log into to agree to terms and conditions after they rang me to talk me through details, said i was approved with repayment of 105.85 a month would forward email which i had to log in and read the terms and conditions then agree to them!! plz tell me i havent made a major mistake?
  5. am i tied to this now? i agreed to terms and conditions on line but nothing is set in sstone since they dont have my bank details etc just name and address etc, they tried to flog me a payday loan which i said NO to as have heard they are bad yet afterward got an email to log into valour loans to set up a payday loan
  6. if u type loans for people with bad credit it will be the 1st to show in the list. oh plz tell me i havent made a big mistake?
  7. HI decided today to consolidate all my debts approx 2grand with a bit extra with a company with i had to pay 45 up front, i did this as the loan seemed to be reasonable repayments 105 per month!! bit confused how does this work do i recieve a cheque in post or will they pay into bank account. never though to ask this, but it is a reputable company think it was first on my google search! if i repay on time every month are there any hidden charges? appreciate all comments as i also jump b4 thinking things over 1st!!
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