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  1. God its change!!!!!! but not much has........shame
  2. Hi Ender Goo luck and please read before you start so you know what your doing and feel free to ask if you dont. Start with the FAQ's and step by step and also start your own thread so we can see how your doing in your banks/CC forums. welly;)
  3. Hi Rob Welcome to CAG and hopefully your friend had told you what you need to do and about reading the FAQ's and a good look at the forums before you start. Good luck and ask for help if you need it in the Barclays forum. welly;)
  4. Hi First of all ring/or go into your bank and ask them to explain why the DD was not payed as you had £255 available on your OD and why they didn't pay it. If you don't have any luck then ask to speak to a manager and if possible show them that you had the money available to pay this DD and ask for the charge to be credited back to your account. (be nice and dont lose your cool;)) Have you had other charges on this account and what bank is it?. Also ring your insurance company and ask them to hold off taking the DD until the day you get paid but ring them asap.
  5. Hi jedii I would say you need to spend some time reading the forums,FAQ's, and step by step if you have not already done so. You dont need to send the statements but use the spread sheets on this site to send with your prelim letter for repayment. Please read the FAQ's before you send the letter and makesure you understand what you are doing and ask if your not too sure about anything and start your own thread in the banks forum so we can help you more if needed. Good luck
  6. Hi co6812 Welcome to the site and start by reading the FAQ's and the step by step and this will be a good start and then spend a few days reading the forums so you see how this all works and then start a thread of the own in your banks forum and we will all help. Dont rush this and always ask if your not sure and someone will help. Good luck;)
  7. Hi Bollotom Welcome to CAG and best thing to do is read first and also read the FAQ's and the step by step as well as the forum for your bank. Dont rush things and you will be fine. Good luck;)
  8. welly

    DLewis vs Abbey

    Send it here and no it should run the same but the bank may do things or handle things in diffrent ways Data Protection Manager Data Protection Team Regulatory Compliance Abbey House 201 Graftons Gate East Milton Keynes MK9 1AN
  9. Hi Kelley Welcome to CAG and start by reading the FAQ's and the step by step as this will be a good start and will help you understand what you will be doing. Also read the forums and see how others are doing and what the banks are doing in return. Take your time and start your own thread in your banks forum and ask for any help in there and everyone will help. Good luck:) welly;)
  10. Hi Jay Look here and pop into you local court and they will help with any forms you may need. Court Fees - do you have to pay them? Also there is a letter for the offer in the bank templates libary. If you need any other help with anything then start your own thread in the Halifax forum and we will help you. welly:)
  11. Hi Greengo Merry xmas and follow the info on the site and you will have a good start to 2007 and we have a forum for NI and start a thread in there if you need help and also start by reading the FAQ's and step by step this will also help alot. Good luck and ask if you need help in any way. welly;)
  12. WELL DONE KATE xxxxx:lol: ;-) Enjoy it!!!! welly;-)
  13. Hi Adam First of all its UNLAWFUL not Illegal:) and please also read the FAQ's and step by step as well as the forums. Follow the info on here and your be fine and ask if you need help in your own thread in your banks forum. Good luck welly;)
  14. Hi Hackers Can you please use the forum for Mint to post this and stick to one thread so we can follow what you have done and help when needed. Thanks
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