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  1. all in all its took about 14 weeks, I issued my LBA on 19th January and rec'd my letter with full offer today!
  2. Just rec'd my letter in from them today advising me that they are not accepting liability but as a gesture of goodwill they are giving me my £2517.82 in charges back! Ive already signed and returned the letter to them, Any ideas how long it takes them to put the funds into my account? I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone on here who helped me and as soon as i receive the money from them i will be making a donation to this site! Thanks guys your fab
  3. I issued my letter before action to RBOS on 4th December claiming back £2517.82 in charges for my royalites account, I rec'd a letter in the post this morning offering me £969.87 Obviously i wont be accepting there offer, Is there another letter i issue them or do i go straight for the small claims court? Thanks in advance for your help Tracey81:)
  4. Hi Guys WHat a fantastic site.... It has helped me get my claim started so far..... However I sent my LBA of on the 4th Dec and Yesterday i rec'd a letter from Rbos saying thank you for my patience while they investigate the matter further? Anyone else had a letter like this? And what should i expect from them now? Thanks in advance Tracey
  5. I sent my LBA on the 4th Dec and i rec'd a letter from them yesterday saying thank you for your patience while we investigate this matter? Anyone else rec'd a letter like this from them ?
  6. Fantastic! Thanks very much for your help
  7. Iam dealing with Legal and Trade with regards to my credit card i held with Intelligent Finance - These guys phone my house at 7.55am and 8am in the morning, Are they allowed to call this early? Thanks Tracey
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