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  1. Hi, We are having a really bad experience with a lettings agent at the moment. We are relocating to a new county and have found the perfect place to rent. We travelled to view the property 2 weeks ago, but an hour before the viewing (when we had arrived in the county), we were called by the agent to inform us they had to cancel the appointment as they didn't have the set of keys in the office and the MD had disappeared with them. We were naturally furious - my other half had taken the afternoon off work to view the property and we are in a hurry to move. There are no other properties i
  2. Thank you - Could you tell me what the average pay out is for a compromise agreement in this area? The employer has informed me that they are going to hire external consultants to investigate the grievance because it involves several members of senior staff and I have plenty of email evidence of what has happened - lewd jokes, complaints of lewd remarks etc. but a lot of these are out of time but I have since been removed from my role working for this person because I complained to him of the lewd remarks/jokes and also when I spoke to HR about it, they advised me not to take things further a
  3. My company has offered me a compromise agreement following a grievance I have raised. The solicitor I have been liaising with for general free advice up to now has now stated that the fees the employer will pay will not cover negotiations and will just be advise on the agreement itself. I'm unsure if the offer I have been given by my employer is enough. Anyone have any advice as to whether I should just accept the employers offer and inform the solicitor to go ahead or whether I should pay for solicitors' negotiations myself? The grievance was against a very senior manager and involves sex
  4. Hi, Please can someone advise me if I should put down every detail of harassment and victimisation that I have incurred on my first letter of grievance? I have gone down the informal route too many times and been advised by line managers and HR not to raise a grievance which goes against their policies. Should I detail everything that has happened in my first grievance letter? Thanks
  5. I am now going to raise a formal grievance (finally). As I have complained in writing to HR and line manager before, and it states in the harassment procedures that they should have advised me to take out a grievance at that stage rather than advise me not to take things any further, I am raising a grievance that the have broken their own policy as well as sexual harassment and victimisation since my informal complaints. I wondered if I need to send email evidence backing up my claim at this stage or should I hold off and let the company investigate? Any advice much appreciated. Also, the
  6. Hi again, Thanks for the kind words and clarification that they are in the wrong! Sometimes I start to believe them that I am being too sensitive! My beliefs though remain and I know this doesn't happen elsewhere as company policies do not allow it. The HR department seem to just ignore anything that goes on in my department - until they have to that is. They've now written me a letter to say they want to meet up with me along with my line manager. Of course they are pretending to care but I have gone down this route time and time again before so unless the head of legal is goin
  7. Hi, Thanks for your really quick response - it means a lot! With regard to home contents insurance, I don't currently have any so if I applied now (being signed off at the moment), would that mean it would make my chances of claiming slim in the near future? I do have savings set aside. Ideally I would prefer a clean break from these people. Preferably in terms of a compromise agreement. I have put together a chronology and have quite a few emails that back up my claims, I wondered whether it would be worth sending that to my employers saying I am going to a solicitors with this informa
  8. Hi all, Wondered if anyone can offer any advice. I have worked for my company for over 3 1/2 years. In that time I have been bullied, received lewd jokes and comments from lawyers and head of legal and when I have complained I have been told I am "too sensitive" "got the person all wrong" and "would work better with women". I was told "I obviously can't take a joke" and they want someone who can be relaxed and have a laugh with the team so its better that you're moving desks". I was also told by a new line manager when part of my position was replaced that again I am too senstive w
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