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  1. Brilliant, thank you... So, watch this space I guess then... I have all the info from the SAR we sent, including the application form, and a schedule of payments made. I made a mistake in my op regarding the dates which is by the by, it actually finished in 2005 not 1994. The schedule of payments has all payments from 1985 to 1994 missing, I guess this is because they have either been archived, or more likely that the system they were running at hte time was so basic that they do not have record.... what ever the excuse, I have the date from which it came into effect so its easy to work out the payments that are missing. Thanks again, Heidi
  2. Ok thats great to be going on with, thank you... is there a standard template for a letter or do I need to get my clever head on an write something myself?? TIA (again) Heidi
  3. Hi there, I'm enquiring on behalf of my Grandparents. I'll keep this short and to the point. They were "forced" to take out an assurance policy with above co. with their mortgage, despite having an endowment mortgage. They paid a premium each month from 1985 to 1994. The FA at the bank (Barclays) said they had to have this insurance otherwise they could not remortgage, even though the mortgage had the same level of cover anyway. My Grandmother has enquired with GRE if they would have paid out aswell as the endowment, their answer was NO! meaning they have paid for something totally useless. Its not PPI as such, more a life policy, can they claim it back? How do I use the calculator? (in simpleton terms please) do I have to work out the interest on each individual payment (their interest was 14.25% pa) or if I put in the start date and todays date and the premium, will it tell me what the interest was and we use that figure? THEN add on the 8% ??? I'm a bit stuck at what to do, sorry :/ If there is anything you want to know to be able to help me better please ask, I was avoiding turning this post into War & Peace Thanks in advance Heidi
  4. You are a STAR, thank you so much I'll get onto it now while I still have ink left in the printer Heidi x
  5. oops just seen the typo in the letter, *aged between 18 and 70* hahaha, 18 and 17, he wishes haha
  6. PPI Rani thank you for your reply, thats very encouraging news, well done you
  7. Hi ims21 Thanks for your reply, basically he can't remember how he originally applied for the card it was that long ago, he doesn't have a copy of the agreement and there was no FOS or SAR or anything sent so no reason was given for the mis-selling of PPI. He rang them up and asked if there is PPI on his account, and this is the response we got :S What do you think? any chance of pursuing it? Thanks again Heidi
  8. Hi, MBNA have sent a letter stating that PPI was added to the account at my husbands request, "At the time PPI was added to your a/c, you were eligble fro the cover (you stated on your app. form that you were a UK resident, in permanent employment and aged between 18 and 17). When you opted for PPI we did not offer advice about the policy, we provided you with info. only. In other words, yours was a non-advised sale. Having reviewed the info. you have provided, our processes and the disclosures which we made t oyou at the time, we are satisfied that you had sufficient info. to make your own evaluation of and decision about the product on offer. On this basis, I regret to advise that I am unable to uphold your complaint or issue a refund of the premiums paid." Then it goes on to tell us to go to the ombudsmen if we are not happy, which clearly we are not! Is there any point in pursuing this? He (husband) had no idea what he was signing up for, cant remember doing it and had no idea that he even had it, I suppose it was done blindly, if indeed he did sign up for it as they say. He has never claimed on it, and has had this card for at least the last 12 yrs. (longer than he has been with me for!) so, what now? Any advise, opinions etc welcomed, thank you very much H
  9. the amount you are claiming back in PPI payments I think, though not sure what that figure is, you need to work that out from your SAR or payments made for PPI if you have that info.
  10. 8% interest on the amount you are claiming I think, no its not too late and not sure how much you would expect to claim back I'm afraid, best of luck
  11. Hi sorry to ask but I can't find this info. where do I send our SAR for a Yorkshire bank loan (settled) TIA Heidi
  12. The travel advisor is correct, and the closer you leave it to cancel, the amount he will lose will go up. Travel insurance is there to claim on in these circumstances. If he did not take any out at the time then I am positive that they wont pay out for this after the event if that makes any sense. They are very strict on pre-exisiting conditions. So his only hope is to get someone to buy it off him. I am sorry to hear he is going through a tough time and wish you all the very best of luck for a happy outcome.
  13. Hi, Sending an SAR to citifinancial, do I use the 6 Admirial Way address? This is re: an old load settled in full in Oct 2004, not sure if Ive missed the boat or not? Thanks in advance Heidi
  14. Hi there, Simple question, large loan was settled in full in Oct 2004 following the sale of our house. Not sure if it had ppi or not, need to send SAR (in the process of doing that now), the bebt has been settled for 7 yrs, dont know the account number or anything anymore, can we still make a valid claim if it turns out that it did have PPI?? Thanks in advance Heidi
  15. Hi just after some advice please. Not sure what my rights are here and dont actually think I have any but here goes. I bought a pram on ebay for £300.00, from a private seller (I think). I collected it in person after driving for around 2 hrs (I got a bit lost looking for the house too which didnt help). It was set up in the tiny kitchen, all seemed well enough. There was no room to push the pram to "test drive" it, the light was very poor too, but hey ho. I handed over the £300.00 (I just wanted to get home at a reasonable hour) no receipt was given for the cash. On closer inspection today, it has become apparent that the chassis is faulty. The folding mechanism is tempremental at best, one of the front wheels is catching on the chassis, the seat was dirty and had dried milk/vomit/ who knows what else dried into the seams, there is a small slit in the fabric of the hood. All this on a pram described as in "As new condition". If she had told me about the issues when I phoned her and asked her, then fair enough, but no "its like new, its only a couple of months old"....lie, its 12m old in March, the only thing she did mention was the few scratches on the back from where it had been in and out of cars.... sure theres a few scratches, and a few more. Theres actually quite alot I'm not happy with. If I'd paid £150 then yeah ok fair enough. Her arguement is now of course "well you gave the money and took it away, why did you buy it if you weren't happy with it". Just how long she wanted me to stay at her house and appraise it for I dont know, there wasn't the room to do it nor the light. I bought it yesterday, the pram hasn't been out of the house yet. Its not like I've had it 3wks and gone "ooh I dont like it". I'm rambling sorry. So, Ive asked for a refund, she got all funny and put the phone down. Do I have any come back with this at all (apart from raising a case on Ebay, in which case they will only mediate anyway) Thanks in advance, and well done for getting this far Hx
  16. Thank you T.C for your reply and clarifying this for me. I feel I have a strong case, I have witnesses and a police officers opinion of the liability. And also that fact the the claimant did not state to the police at the time that I was indicating to the left. I have spoken with his insurers today, they are not paying him out because he was only 3rd party, wrecked bike, answers a few q's as to why he is now pursuing me (sorry I know I'm just speculating but). Good news though is that his insurers have agreed to allow me to have my vehicle repaired on his insurance if liability is found to lie with him, which they say on the face of it, it does... thats something at least (despite my own insurance being invalid, though I discover I may still be named on a Motor Traders policy).
  17. Dollar confirm that the Mondeo is Intermediate but can't confirm the Honda because they dont have a full vehicle list of available vehicle in resort, they have listings as "similar! and cant see what those are. The lady gave me the number for the local office in DXB as 00971 2244855, she said they will be able to confirm the category of the Honda. I cant call that number as its international, however if you want to use it, its there. I dont have an email address for them unfortunately. If you decide to call them, lets hope they say its compact, if it is, then Bingo..... if not, and its Intermediate the same as the Ford, then I'm afraid you will find yourself banging your head against a giant brick wall. The only thing you could pursue is mis information given from the agent and hope they take some notice of you. Hope I'm helping at least a little Heidi
  18. Your welcome, and thank you for the information. I also used to sell cars fro a living, I forgot to mention that, lol, bit of a Jack of all trades me The class and category are different, the categories are based on size and function, you will have economy, compact, intermediate, 7-seater, then things like convertible etc etc. sure thats how Dollar work their categories. In a conversation I had earlier today with an agent from Car Trawler, it is her understanding that the Honda Civic is in the "compact" category, where the Mondeo in "intermediate" or "full size" , giving it a different category. If this is true, then you have been mis sold, or basically given the wrong thing in resort and not supplied with what you have paid for. If Dollar class the 2 cars as being in the same category, then as I said before, unfortunately they have fulfilled their obligation to you despite you being told the car was of adequate size here... I need to do some more homework for you, but I will advise of my findings... someone else with more experience of this may come along and offer some advice in the meantime Heidi
  19. I need more info.... car trawler are and agent acting on behalf of different suppliers, who supplied the car in Dubai?? eg: Avis, Alamo, etc Cheers
  20. Hmmm tricky one, and I speak as a Travel Agent, who "occasionally" arranges car hire on behalf of my customers. Basically you were not provided with the product that you paid for, I believe on principal that you have a right to complain and that you should be given an adequate response at the very least. Most CH companies will advertise vehicle in categories, A,B,C and so on and will give an "example" of the vehicle in each category. They then go on to say you will have this car...or similar. Thats where it gets tricky because if the Honda you were given is in the same category as the Mondeo you thought you had ordered, then they have fulfilled their obligation to you. I will try and do some homework for you on their "categories" and let you know what I find. Hope this at least explains how they work, though I'm sure you knew that already Heidi
  21. My father agrees that a right signal at the first roundabout, or no signal at all is perfectly adequate and would not "fail" for either manouver made, so you are BOTH right. I have also today received the full police report. The report comments or recommendations read " Rider of vehicle two (being the claimant, not me) would appear to be in the wrong as they have entered the roundabout without giving way to vehicle one (me) to the right. There is an independant witness report also which reads "standing outside pub having a cigarette, saw car coming down Slade Lane, bike coming down New Hey Road/Crowtrees Lane. Bike looked to be travelling at speed, turned away then heard a bang and saw collision on roundabout" The claimants report reads as "coming straight down road to roundabout. Saw car to right, thought it was going to stop but it didn't. Only slow speed collision, the bike falling on me caused most damage" No mention at all of me signalling left... hmmmm, funny that.... I'm astounded that his solicitor is even pursuing this. May I just ask, I go to court if summoned, I win in Court, who pays the costs of the court case and MIB's costs? If I'm taken to court by his solicitor and MIB if they believe for some ludicrous reason they have a case against me, and I win, surely I cannot be made to cough up the costs..... I understand that if I lose, I'm screwed, but any right minded person with even half a brain cell can see what this guy is trying to do to me. Its stressing me out, I'm 6 weeks off giving birth and should not have to be dealing with this! Though I do appreciate all your help and assistance, and points of view, thank you once again Heidi
  22. If this helps, google earth coordinates are 53deg 41'07.69"N 1deg47'49.15"W elev 149m I was on the road to the south of the screen facing up, he was on the road to the left, facing right, I was going straight accross to the road opposite the one I was coming off. Just thought that might help to explain the road layout a bit better than my ramblings!
  23. Hi For clarity purposes, he entered the roundabout from a separate junction to my left (he was not on the same road as me) the roundabouts a mini (there are two roundabouts in very close proximity, I guess no further than a few feet apart) I was going straight accross the first one, to enter the 2nd one, where I would have taken an immediate left turning (after where the accident occurred) so in effect I was going straight accross but because of the road layout, which is beyond ridiculous it makes it very awkward to explain....The claimant is saying that because I was indicating left, he though I was going left and was therefore safe to go, or at least thats what I think he's trying to get away with...I refute this completely as I was not indicating to go in any direction asI was going straight ahead at the first roundabout and would then have indicated to come off left at the 2nd...I hope I'm making sense.... but he hit me before I got there and before any indication was made. I clarified with my dad earlier what you "should" do there, him being a Driving Examiner and all, and he basically said I could either incicate right then left, or do as I did and not indicate at the first and indicate to come off the second. Just checking that I'm doing it right as no one seems to know what to do at those roundabouts, frankly they should be removed and replaced with traffic lights. If you are still unclear and have any questions, please fire away
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