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  1. Brilliant, thank you... So, watch this space I guess then... I have all the info from the SAR we sent, including the application form, and a schedule of payments made. I made a mistake in my op regarding the dates which is by the by, it actually finished in 2005 not 1994. The schedule of payments has all payments from 1985 to 1994 missing, I guess this is because they have either been archived, or more likely that the system they were running at hte time was so basic that they do not have record.... what ever the excuse, I have the date from which it came into effect so its easy to work o
  2. Ok thats great to be going on with, thank you... is there a standard template for a letter or do I need to get my clever head on an write something myself?? TIA (again) Heidi
  3. Hi there, I'm enquiring on behalf of my Grandparents. I'll keep this short and to the point. They were "forced" to take out an assurance policy with above co. with their mortgage, despite having an endowment mortgage. They paid a premium each month from 1985 to 1994. The FA at the bank (Barclays) said they had to have this insurance otherwise they could not remortgage, even though the mortgage had the same level of cover anyway. My Grandmother has enquired with GRE if they would have paid out aswell as the endowment, their answer was NO! meaning they have paid for something totally
  4. You are a STAR, thank you so much I'll get onto it now while I still have ink left in the printer Heidi x
  5. oops just seen the typo in the letter, *aged between 18 and 70* hahaha, 18 and 17, he wishes haha
  6. PPI Rani thank you for your reply, thats very encouraging news, well done you
  7. Hi ims21 Thanks for your reply, basically he can't remember how he originally applied for the card it was that long ago, he doesn't have a copy of the agreement and there was no FOS or SAR or anything sent so no reason was given for the mis-selling of PPI. He rang them up and asked if there is PPI on his account, and this is the response we got :S What do you think? any chance of pursuing it? Thanks again Heidi
  8. Hi, MBNA have sent a letter stating that PPI was added to the account at my husbands request, "At the time PPI was added to your a/c, you were eligble fro the cover (you stated on your app. form that you were a UK resident, in permanent employment and aged between 18 and 17). When you opted for PPI we did not offer advice about the policy, we provided you with info. only. In other words, yours was a non-advised sale. Having reviewed the info. you have provided, our processes and the disclosures which we made t oyou at the time, we are satisfied that you had sufficient info. to make your o
  9. the amount you are claiming back in PPI payments I think, though not sure what that figure is, you need to work that out from your SAR or payments made for PPI if you have that info.
  10. 8% interest on the amount you are claiming I think, no its not too late and not sure how much you would expect to claim back I'm afraid, best of luck
  11. Hi sorry to ask but I can't find this info. where do I send our SAR for a Yorkshire bank loan (settled) TIA Heidi
  12. The travel advisor is correct, and the closer you leave it to cancel, the amount he will lose will go up. Travel insurance is there to claim on in these circumstances. If he did not take any out at the time then I am positive that they wont pay out for this after the event if that makes any sense. They are very strict on pre-exisiting conditions. So his only hope is to get someone to buy it off him. I am sorry to hear he is going through a tough time and wish you all the very best of luck for a happy outcome.
  13. Hi, Sending an SAR to citifinancial, do I use the 6 Admirial Way address? This is re: an old load settled in full in Oct 2004, not sure if Ive missed the boat or not? Thanks in advance Heidi
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