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  1. Hi Honeybee13, The company i work for is in the manufacturing sector. Thx for the info also renegadeimp
  2. Thx caro, but i really need some facts. as above could some one tell me what percentage of a workforce is required to be a member of a union for a company to recognize it. also would this have to include office staff and managers? also again, would this only have to be the factory floor staff? are there different unions for different types of staff members? Any facts u can give me would be of great help to me and my fellow workers. p.s learning to control my anger and frustration guys
  3. We don't have a union, when we asked "how many of the workforce need to be in a union" we where asked bk, "why do u need to know that?" can someone enlighten me? I was told many years ago that 40% of the work force had to be in one for any company to formally recognize it. Is that true? If not? what are the facts about joining one and the support we can expect? respectfully, bones76.
  4. Ok, will take your advice and try to push with your idea of informing my team leader. Trying to stay positive! thx!
  5. ok guys, no longer annoyed or ****ed. hatred put in bottle. 1. it is contratal as i understand that bonus is paid for hitting tgts, these tgts are UN-achevable in my opinion as the company will not spend money to fix the tools we are expected to run. 2. this is the real bummer, our contracts where changed 3 years ago from an end of year profit bonus to a quarterly tgt met bonus .
  6. yes stu. allow me to explain. operators no bonus lead operators no bonus team leaders no bonus shift leader, *bonus* managers, *bonus* if u work in office an do fk all *bonus* me, genral dogs body who runs around like headless chicken, no bonus
  7. s h i f t* that word seems not to be allowed on this site*
  8. Hi againStu007, yes the **** managers are graded M2 and so get the bonus. also the producttion managers get bonus too. office staff also cos the have different tgts to reach
  9. ok question? if i create a page on fb that has nothing to do with the name of our company? can i still be held for misconduct?
  10. company only accepts a union that has 40% members buy law, and boy do they know it, keeping the office staff sweet stop them joining any union
  11. At the end of my tether, how can i make you ppl relies we need help, we are less than dirt, i truly mean it. Fb page gone. our voice gone. we have nothing, how do we stand up to these ppl without getting terminated? can you help or do i give up?
  12. fb page removed, can u guys still help us with the issue at hand? you have read my posts i take it. how do we tackle the bonus issue?
  13. stu07, yes we have a grievance procedure, but even if we put one in what good will it do? they will turn around and tell us we didn't hit our tgt's again, they set them too high. plus all the managers get bonuses for keeping costs down, so spending money to fix machines hits into there bonus, we then have to run our machines making quick fixes where we can to try to hit our tgt's. if all the machines ran at 100% our tgt's would be achievable. but they wont spend money to fix them cos it comes out of there operating income and so we cant achieve our tgts. its loose loose for us all. any ideas?
  14. i should also point out that its a group and anly for the ppl i invite, created today and only psted posative things about where i work and also making HUGE references to the fact that it is not about where i work.
  15. everyone i work with now nows about the page but for now i am the only one who can invite ppl
  16. thx stu007, but are these matters of fact or just what should be done?
  17. 600 aprox across all shifts and day staff
  18. could u add me on fb and take a look. i have chosen my words carefully, i think???
  19. Due to the fact that my company has decided to pay all the office staff a bonus and all the managers graded M2 and above, and not the workers in the factory i have created a facebook page for ppl to vent, what are the legal implications of this and can i be dis-missed for it? plz contact me and i will be able to share the link on fb! any advice is welcome, in the last 3 years the have taken so much from us workers and we have had enough. we don't know our rights enough to stand up for our self's . plz help!
  20. thx guys and girls, just a few more quetions, sorry! debt4get? u say he would be hard to explain why he got the CCJ but not acted on it after all this time? how will that help me? if i send a sar and it shows details of all the cars i bought off him and the ppi, even after 6 years, will i still be able to make a claim?
  21. ok, so how long does a CCJ LAST? and 2. if its a fake can i go 4 the "go fk off its been to long" thing we talked about earlyer?
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