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  1. Hello, Well the annual SLC hell arrived - deferment. I sent everything off in good time, recorded delivery, email, fax and also telephoned as every year they deny receipt so thought this year would be extra careful. I'm self employed and like many people at the moment, I on paper made a small loss overall in the previous tax year. I thought at least I don't have to pay the SLC. But no. They have rejected the application to defer on the basis that "the law states you need a minimum of XX per week to live on" and stating they will not defer my loans! I've communicated in writ
  2. Hello! I have an ongoing 10 year nightmare of SLC failing to send out deferment forms. loosing them etc, then attempting to default accounts, passing to the laughable in house DCA Smith Lawson then after I have CAG'ed the idiots, they always relent. However, on my 11th year redux of all this now and I am seriously bored of wasting my time with their lies and fabrications, especially as I can prove they have lied and attempted to chase disputed debts time and time again. I have a case file with all letters and emails for this time, I would like to recover some of my "goodwill" pa
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