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  1. Surely these are just debt collecters? ie less power than my cat? But if acting as baliffs, that's illegal?
  2. Don't let him in. If it's a baliff all he's interested in is bumping up his fees. I Repeat, DON'T LET HIM IN- At this point we don't know what the "fine" is for but personally I still maintain that you are in a vulnereable situation with 2 young children and everybody should back off to give you a chance to sort it out.
  3. I hope this can be sorted out quickly by people who have more knowledge than me but point no. 1. if anybody goes near your kids toys they are in serious trouble. point no.2 you are classed as vulnerable so the "man" should back off quick style. point no. 3 you can't get blood out of a stone. And from a personal viewpoint, don't talk to Marstons, if this is council tax deal direct with the council.
  4. here's another one. what would you answer? "who the f*ck are you?" "go forth and don't multiply" (the call I got was from the Leeds losers chasing a phone contract from 2004) there is a prize for the best answer
  5. Oh dear, looks serious, until you realise that Lowells and Red are the same company. next is Hamptons?
  6. @foxyred, that's what they want. don't let the bast*rds grind you down If they offer 70% tell them 10%. If they change dca's deny any knowledge of the debt unless they notify you of the change in writing.
  7. 35 views, I'm listening to the Pogues, " The band Played Waltzing Matilda " look it up. A damn sight more important than dca's "one legged rabbit "
  8. Oh, I remember Meritforce. I wonder if they remember me? Don't care, I won.
  9. Came across this while browsing the forum, wish there was an easy way to stop the leaflet pushers. But in legal terms a dca has as much right as... "my cat", " the milkman", "a tramp", "A zombie, decomposing in front of your door " made the last one up but what rights do you think that dca's have? "collect your doorstep"..... that's a good one, I've searched google (other search engines are available ) can't find a doorstep collecters group...
  10. Did the letter say "we know where you live " ? ooh. I'm frightened..
  11. 1. ignore Past due Credit. 2. deal only with BG. So your landlord has took your money out of the meter and then told BG that you owe the money? how? You don't have a contract with BG so they are wasting their time. any paperwork they may come up with can't possibly have your signiature on it so tell them to ( in the words of better posters than me ) foxtrot oscar. dca's are numpties, they have no legal powers , no legal rights, they have less powers than my cat. ( and he has more power than anybody over me). Please don't talk on the phone. "everything in writing" and as long as
  12. If they are calling on your mobile, block the number. each time they use a different number, block that one. Keep a record of every call, report them to your dmc. and as citizenB asked, to paraphrase, who are these numpties?
  13. Could you 2 get a room? This is from Sillygirl ages ago and I think the best advice
  14. free for 30 days just remember to cancel before the end of the free trial.
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