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    Tax Credit Enq

    Thanks for your indepth reply aunty Erika:-)! I feel a little calmer after reading it. I was wondering if you could answer another question for me please? When I rang the tax credits to report that my husband had returned to work I didn't tell them about the pension credit. So will that be adjusted automatically after they have discovered my pension credits or do I have to phone them and tell them that too. Thank you so very much.
  2. Gem3

    Tax Credit Enq

    Hi, Hope you can give me some advice. I've been claiming tax credits for three years for me and my husband. I work part time and my husband was unemployed until December 2011. Last week I rang the Tax Credit department to report the changes, informing them that my husband has began work. Yesterday, I had a letter saying that the income that I stated is different from what they have for 2010-2011. It had picked up my small pension that I receive monthly from a private pension. I feel really stupid as I didn't think that this made any difference. I didn't do this dishonestly I thought that
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