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  1. Oh and can I include charges made since original claim was made or do I have to start over for those? Nikki
  2. I wonder if somebody should help? I received the date from the court this morning. District Judge Singleton has considered the statements of case and allocation questionaires submitted in this claim and has decided that a hearing is necessary before a final decision about allocation can be made. District Judge Singleton orders you attend at 12:00 on the 13 March 2007 (time estimate 15 minutes) at Gloucester County Court, Kimbrose Way, Gloucester,GL1 2DE. There is no mention of extra paperwork- should I send it all anyway or will this confuse things? As they have only allo
  3. to give other cases the chance to go to a higher court. nix
  4. Right... missed deadline to get stay put aside, with new baby etc. So will now write a letter every monday and phone every friday I think to give them every opportunity to settle. At least then I can prove to the court that I've made the effort! Do they appreciate being pestered- I doubt it, this is so frustrating PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me my flipping money! Nikki
  5. Just found this thread- I've received Stay notification from Gloucester CC will respond using the N224 form and also write letter from library trying to push communications with numpty & numpty sol's. Will keep informed Nix
  6. Site not been letting me in for a few weeks, but all seems to be sorted now- touch wood! Rec'd AQ from Lloyds sols asking for the standard 1 month 'to attempt settlement' (lol!), then received letter from the court imposing a STAY until 1st Dec. As you can imagine I'm gutted about this I was hoping to have a lovely christmas with my pay out and it looks unlikely now! Will keep reading the forum to see anyway of getting court not to do this STAY, I've found a letter attempting to start communications with sols to settle so will do some reading up and try my luck. Anybody else h
  7. Anyway after rejecting Barclays offer of 1000 I have today entered Claim through Gloucestershire County Court. So whats your next move? Nikki
  8. True to form, this day (the last day) Llloyds entered defence (standard 'you were aware when you took account' blah blah blah), received AQ in post so completed and returned by hand straight back to court, guess I just wait for court date now. Hopefully the end is almost insight now! Nikki
  9. Molly Just posted on your other thread, pants they've remembered to enter a defence, but at least you're a step closer to the end getting your money back! Here's hoping we'll get it soon and can enjoy a nice xmas! Nikki x
  10. Hi Mollymoo still not had my defence either they've got till Thurs (14th) but its so frustrating knowing they will sneek it in at the last minute, why not just pulkl their fingers out and deal with these things straight away?! I know how you feel- I WANT MY MONEY TOO! Nikki300
  11. Well Lloyds have another 3 day to enter defence... knowing them they'll put it in at the 11th hour! Oh well here's hoping! Nikki
  12. I think if we look closer to 2 months we won't be too disappointed! nikki
  13. I'm just impatient, I'll try to stop second guessing them and see what happens. Thanks for the reply Nikki x
  14. Hi I'm interested to know how long this will carry on for, Lloyds have acknowledged claim and have until 14th Sept to carry out their intention to 'defend in full', when they have done this how long usually do you have to wait for a court date, or does it vary too much to say? Thank you Nikki
  15. I did it online with Natwest took about 2 minutes nikki
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