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  1. bump: Have a claim in as i have unwittingly bought a Hyundai Santa Fe grey import. Was sold car on premise it was 4 WD with 5 yr warrant as all cars destined for UK dealers ar from Hyundai. Unfortunately Arnold Clark bought in a whole swathe of cars from Ireland on the cheap which have been drip fed into the market. Bought car on belief I was buying a UK speced car, dealer referred that there was 4yrs + left on warranty. Finance company checks didnt flag it up as import when I questioned them they said it was a UK VIN no......which is crap. Nothing on VIN refers to car being UK.
  2. called finance co. who told me burden of proof is on me to prove i was hoodwinked....they confirned they will not finance imports yet i have a grey import car.....gutted.
  3. Put car in for service. Garage informed me that flywheel needed replaced as best to do now as warranty was expiring, quoting an end date 2yrs earlier than i was told on purchase. also told me it was 2WD, yup i didnt notice, nothing in docs stating this, and that it was a grey import probably from ireland.
  4. Same problem. Bought what i thought was a 4WD Sante Fe with 5yr warranty turns out to be a grey import 2WD with 3yr warranty. Gutted. Finance company say burden of proof is on me but as car was first registered in UK i think i am snookered.
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