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  1. Parking wasn't an issue when the houses were originally built, its a street not an estate My issue is with people who misuse the Visitors Permit as a permit for a second vehicle. Therefore preventing other residents (who accept that only one vehicle is suitable for the area) from parking.
  2. Thanks but I live in a 1900s terrace house in the middle of a town. I have lived here for 37 years. I have one car.
  3. The permits are issued on a n annual basis, simply a piece of card with "visitors permit' on front. We didnt lobby the council for the scheme, it has been in operation for over 10 years. It has been tinkered with until it now covers a block of roads. The roads include several with their own drives etc. All a bit of a mess really.
  4. We live in a parking blackspot in Basingstoke. We have lived here for over 30 years and parking has become a nightmare for my husband and myself. If we drive anywhere during the day we have to make sure we return by 4.00pm at the latest and not at all at weekends or we are unable to park. It probably sounds over the top but it is having an effect on our lives. We have a residential parking permit for our car and a visitors permit, which is pointless because we can never invite visitors because they cannot park. It would seem that the "visitors" permit has become a 2nd c
  5. Hi Sue, yes he has applied for Industrial Injuries Benefit. He has a medical next week. In a letter a few weeks ago he was told,"I do not t think we can make any reasonable adjustments to assist in your return to work and it is clear from Dr *** report that your return to work is not feasible"
  6. Sorry, final question. If he is offered alternative employment and doesnt accept will he forfeit his notice?
  7. Thank you for the information Honeybee. We will ring around on Monday. I feel he is being pushed into a corner, the payment only equates to just under two thousand pounds (he works part time while caring for our disabled son) which wont last vey long.
  8. Thank you Honeybee. We didnt consult an injury lawyer. We hoped to draw all of this to an end and then find someone to help us. To be totally honest we are out of our depth really.
  9. My husband tried to move a table holdng a computer (he is a decorator) and the table collapsed. He braced his legs to prevent the computer from falling and injured his knee. He was told that he desk had been unstable for quite a while despite a report being made to management
  10. My husband injured his leg moving an (unbeknown to him) broken table last October. He has been off work since and the OT employed by his firm has said he will be unable to return to work. He has worked for his company part time for the past 13 years and is very upaset at the treatment he has received from them His employers have written the following letter "As you are aware, it is the opinion of Dr** that you are not medically fit to do your job and that , in his professional opinion you may never get back the flexibility in your knee required to do your job. We would obviously like
  11. Thanks, you are quite right. It would be pointless to pick them up on it, only add fuel to the flames!
  12. My husband has just received a letter from his employer asking him to attend a meeting to discuss his sickness absence and the recommendations of Occupational Health. The dates shown on the letter relating to his absence are incorrect. Should he ignore the discrepancy, tell them in his reply or bring it up at the meeting?
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