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  1. yes ive lived at address but moved out in 2001 checked my credit report and there is nothing on there about this debt
  2. no i never completed the slip and never made payment as i never lived at that address i moved to new address in 2001
  3. hi there all just got letter of lowells yesterday with a photo copied payment slip with no signature of mine on it but they still saying i made the payment which i never so sick of these now the slip had my old adress on it and june 2009 but ive lived at this house since 2001 ? any advice would be appreceated and they said paid cash 32.46
  4. They gave the date the 23 June I have never made a counter payment to them the credit card was from an old address which was before 2000 thanks for reply ill try that letter
  5. Just had another letter saying they have spoke to Barclays and that I made counter payment in 2009 which I never they have give me 20 days before they pass to collections any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. thanks for the post foggy every letter i get of them is signed by the famous S BARNARD as to whos names pops up alot on this site and others she/he must be only one thats works for lowell
  7. just updating my annoyance with lowell just received letter stating they have spoke to barclaycard and they have told them i made a counter payment in june 2009 which i no i never made so thay say its not statue barred any suggestions would be grateful. i have checked my credit report and there is no record of barclaycard on there . the card was from an old address in 2000. to make a counter payment you would need a slip to pay it in which ive never had help pleaseeee.
  8. yes checked all bank statements online nothing regarding the so called payments
  9. just an update on my case had reply from lowells saying there putting it on hold while they contact barclaycard
  10. just like to say thanks to everyone for the advice wiil keep yous informed of how i get on as there not getting a penny out of me
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